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Secrets of the TABC Reports

Secrets of the TABC Reports: Houston hates celebrity chefs, small bars rule and new restaurant surprises

By Eric Sandler

Every month the State Comptroller's Office publishes the Mixed Beverage sales of bars and restaurants across Texas. Known within service industry circles as the "TABC report," insider ...

Truly Family Friendly

This Houston fine dining restaurant is welcoming kids, countering La Fisheria's controversial ban

By Eric Sandler

Mexican seafood restaurant La Fisheria is basking in the national spotlight for its new policy of denying entry to kids 8 and younger after 7 p.m., even getting a Good Morning America appearance ou ...

No Kids Allowed

Bring Kids, No Service: Houston restaurant bans children at night

By Eric Sandler

Like ceviche? Have a 6-year-old? One Houston restaurant says at dinner time the two don't mix. Mexican seafood restaurant La Fisheria announced on its Facebook page that it would ...

H-Town's The New Food Capital

Big restaurant win: Houston dubbed America's great new food capital by wowed national magazine

By Tyler Rudick

It's official — Food & Wine magazine has fallen for Houston. Hard. After recently naming Chris Shepherd one of the 10 best new chefs in the United States, the national publication ...

Houston's Dancing with the Stars

Sexy legs of steel and Ricky Martin moves turn Houston's Dancing with the Stars into a wild scene

By Joel Luks

Oh, no, she didn't.  Oh, yes, she did — girl's got attitude. That would be Claire Cormier Thielke sashaying in a bootylicious sequined, two-piece, miniscule number with fishn ...

Houston's Dancing with the Stars

Top chefs join Houston's own Dancing with the Stars — and an amazing pool stage is set

By Shelby Hodge

When Becca Cason Thrash opens the doors to her Memorial area home Thursday night for Houston Ballet's Dancing With the Stars fundraiser, guests will be treated not only to the riotous dance com ...

New Brunch Spots

Houston restaurants reimagine brunch: 5 must-try spots that are changing breakfast

By Amy Chien

Brunch is that celebrated meal best known for endless variations on eggs, potatoes and cured meats. But if you want to venture beyond the usual, check out these five new brunch spots in Houston tha ...

Food for Thought

Top Houston restaurants break out special Rodeo deals: Cowboy up and go beyond carnival junk

By Marene Gustin

Yes, it’s rodeo time in Houston. And while actually going to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo can net you cotton candy, barbeque, turkey legs and deep-fried things, you don’t ha ...

Food for Thought

The best lunch deals in Houston: High-end restaurants offer cheap gourmet steals

By Marene Gustin

“In the new year people need to start eating lunch again,” says PR peep Mark Sullivan. “Seriously. People eating at their desk all the time and on the run it’s just not civi ...

Food for Thought

Sole survivors: Houston's top chefs reveal their favorite footwear for racing around the kitchen

By Marene Gustin

You’re in a busy kitchen for 12 to 14 hours. You’re on your feet. Standing, hustling through cramped spaces with food and who knows what on the floor under your feet. You are tired, you ...

15 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (15)   Places (0)

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