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Cajun Charity

Cajun chain joins restaurant do-gooders changing Houston's late-summer dining scene

By Marene Gustin

 There’s more than one reason to eat at Ragin’ Cajun and its fancier sister LA Bar these days. Oh sure, there’s the crawfish and shrimp cooked in the spicy Low County boi ...

Houston's Best Oyster Restaurants

Houston's best oyster restaurants: From grungy dives to sparkling new places, a guide to where seafood thrives

By Eric Sandler

Oysters, those slimy little nuggets of briny goodness, bring so much joy to seafood lovers. While colloquially, oyster season consists of all months with an "R" in their names, here in Te ...

'Tis the season

Aww, shucks: The best places to eat oysters in Houston — these restaurants worship mollusks

By Davon D.E. Hatchett

Who cares what Bugs and Daffy say about whether it's rabbit season or duck season? It’s officially oyster season in the  Gulf Coast region. You may be wondering what the big ...

Foodie News

Where to eat right now: 10 hot, must-try restaurants for June

By Ruthie Miller

Houston is hoppin’ these days! Need a lunch or dinner recommendation? Here are 10 hot places to try in June. Some are new restaurants entirely, while others are seasoned venues with new o ...

Have you tried this?

Converting oyster haters: A new Houston spot's buzzy dish is capable of that and more

By Sarah Rufca

Call it the Goldilocks theory of oysters. It's sacrilege to say so in this town, but raw oysters have always been a bit too briny for my taste. That salty, squishy, fresh-from-the-ocean fla ...

Foodie News

Less Ragin', still Cajun: Houston's new LA Bar channels New Orleans casual not Cali pretentiousness

By Sarah Rufca

"You know how in New Orleans you have places you can walk in wearing flip-flops and still get a great meal?" says Dominic Mandola. "This is that kind of place." Dominic, alo ...

6 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (0)