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Father's Day Dining & Drinking

Procrastinator's Guide to Father's Day Dining (and Drinking): Choices beyond traditional brunch

By Marcy de Luna

While we don't deny that hitting up the usual brunch buffet makes for a great way to celebrate Father's Day, we're also game for skipping the customary drill. Here are eight places to g ...

Driving in Style

The foodie bargain of the summer: Dine Around Houston ends with a celebrity chef bang

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Sparrow Bar + Cookshop buzzed with foodie frenzy on Monday evening as RAM and CultureMap wrapped up the Dine Around Houston Summer Series. The one-off locavore feast included big name chef Monica P ...

Foodie Alert!

Dine Around Houston's last $12 restaurant deal is here: And a celebrity chef is cooking up the menu

By Promoted Series Correspondent

More than 125 well-heeled Houstonians lined up at Batanga on Monday night to enjoy Latin-inspired fare and contribute to a good case for the fifth and penultimate installment of Dine Around Houston ...

Beautiful Beer

Uchi chefs take the beer dinner to the next level — and other Houston restaurants are following

By Whitney Radley

Whereas wine tastings call to mind white tablecloths and polished crystal, the more recently-popularized beer dinner seems inherently casual at its core. But don't get the wrong idea: Even when ...

Changing the Beer Scene

The Beer Experimenter: New risky growler to-go spot started by former TV executive

By Darla Guillen

What does a craft beer scene newbie do when he wants to open a beer pour station in Houston but doesn’t know a sour from a stout? If you’re Doug Bunze you enlist the help of beer nerds ...

Boozy News

Craft beer at Budweiser prices: Hay Merchant offers special deals — for the love of bikes and beers

By Sarah Rufca

It's happened to all of us. You walk into a bar, order a Bombshell Blonde and almost choke on your oversized pretzel when the $7 tab shows up. Luckily Hay Merchant is giving beer lovers a c ...

Stay cool

Bored, schmored: 13 ways to beat the heat & experience your best summer ever in Houston

By Ruthie Miller

It’s summer, and many of you have a bit more free time on your hands. Houston’s heat often comes with a magnetic pull toward the couch — but don’t let yourself fall into tha ...

Like a ton of hops

Craft beer takes over Houston: Your guide to the very best week of the year

By Tyler Rudick

As both the local food and handcrafted beer movements continue to grow, Houston brewers have found themselves in a bit of a perfect storm . . . and a lucrative one at that. With American ...

158 minutes with hardly a fidget

David Fincher's big accomplishment: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo remains true to the book

By Whitney Radley

For me, Stieg Larsson's Millennium series had strikes against it from the beginning. Misogynistic crime mysteries aren't really my genre of choice and it seemed over-hyped. Plus, my "t ...

Hidden Houston

Not no mamby pamby beer tasting: Maple Leaf Pub's underground gathering a craft beer drinker's delight

By Caroline Gallay

The monthly beer tasting at Midtown's Maple Leaf Pub is one of those rare finds that makes me struggle with my journalistic compulsion to share and my selfish desire to protect what's cool ...

11 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (11)   Places (0)
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