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Million Dollar Mega Ball

A new trend in fundraising? Three-night mega charity ball draws 1,000 guests and raises $1 million

By Shelby Hodge

The up-and-coming community leaders that comprise the Junior League of Houston are kicking up their heels this morning in the wake of a mega Charity Ball circuit that played out over three nights w ...

2015 Lenox M. Reed Seminar featuring Dr. Eric Tridas

At the annual Neuhaus Education Center's Lenox M. Reed Seminar, Dr. Eric Tridas will discuss "The Perfect Storm: Inattention, Dyslexia and Anxiety," addressing the impact inatten

Impact Award Luncheon benefiting the Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation

The Inflammatory Breast Cancer Foundation is a nonprofit organization run by volunteers committed to providing support, raising awareness and funding research to improve outcomes of patients with t

"For the Love of Literacy " benefiting Making It Better

"For the Love of Literacy" is a fundraising event that features Jefferson Award winner and author Stacey Bess. Making It Better is a local nonprofit that improves literacy leadership and

Party Watch

Art and conversation mingle: Nonstop chatter is a welcome thing at City ArtWorks luncheon

By Shelby Hodge

What: City ArtWorks' "The Art of Conversation." Where: The Junior League of Houston. The 411: More than 300 guests filled the ballroom for the fundraiser chaired by realtor Be ...

Breakthrough Houston's Graduation Luncheon "Keys to Success"

For 18 years, Breakthrough Houston has endeavored to close the achievement gap by offering rigorous academic enrichment to underserved students and classroom experience to young adults interested i

Results Houston's Seeds of Hope Dinner "We are Each Other's Angels"

This fun-filled inspiring evening supports Results Houston in its quest to save children's lives through vaccines. Keynote speaker Kul Gautam of Nepal has served as assistant general of th

Party Watch

Arts in the classroom receive a major boost from heavy hitters and a TV news star

By Shelby Hodge

What: Community Artists' Collective annual luncheon. Where: The Junior League of Houston. The 411: The creative process and the role of art in education were focus of the luncheon that ...

Shelby's Social Diary

Storied Houston women's organization goes back to the 1920s for a high-octane flapper party

By Shelby Hodge

In nine decades of community service, the Junior League of Houston has evolved from a small group of genteel ladies with a desire to improve the community into a high-octane volunteer organization ...

American Pakistan Foundation presents Sandaraa Concert and Dinner

The American Pakistan Foundation presents, Sandaraa, a new musical collaboration between fine musicians in Brooklyn, New York, and Lahore, Pakistan. The band captivates audiences and fascinate

39 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (19)   Lists (0)   News (20)   Places (0)
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