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Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events — pure yoga madness included

By Joel Luks

January is just about over and done with. And hopefully so are any mentions of the biatch of a polar vortex.  Warm yourself up with this week's suggestions, which include a bendy gathe ...

Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events — some are out-of-this-world

By Joel Luks

Lets launch into 2014 with a series of out-of-this-world events — literally. This week, feel what it's like to defy gravity, explore the world of sound, see the result of two dissimilar c ...

The Review is In

Frenzied bodies: Daring and provocative dance takes over in Houston Ballet season opener

By Joseph Campana

What's in a name? "Four Premieres" may be an accurate title for Houston Ballet's season opener, which runs through Sept. 15 at Wortham Theater Center, but the p ...

The Review Is In

Goose bumps from blastoff to Orbit: Houston Symphony space show somehow exceeds the buzz

By Joel Luks

Standing motionless and transfixed, maestro Giancarlo Guerrero let the sound of Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring dissipate into the abyss that is Jones Hall before anyone in the audience ...

Pick Five (Plus)

Your weekly guide to Houston: Mardi Gras balls, a French valentine, Dream Out Loud fundraiser and a dance orgy

By Joel Luks

Buyse rhymes with spicy. That's how Shepherd School of Music flute professor Leone Buyse first introduced herself to me years before I would become her pupil. That same vivacious spirit ca ...

CultureMap Video

Out of this world: An exclusive sneak preview of Orbit, Houston Symphony's new space wonder

By Joel Luks

When a venture has great results, there's only one logical thing to do: Repeat it. The Houston Symphony knew it was onto something good with The Planets - An HD Odyssey, a collaboratio ...

Is opera political?

Houston Grand Opera tackles politics, love & devotion in Beethoven's operatic masterpiece, Fidelio

By Joseph Campana

Illegal detention, political prisoners and the unpunished crimes of the powerful: Sound familiar? I’m not talking about contemporary politics, but rather Beethoven’s operatic master ...

Rare Birds

Speaking to tragedy: 9/11 in music and memory

By Chris Becker

CultureMap recently asked a group of Houston arts community leaders to explain "why the arts are important." Their answers, all concise and heartfelt, were beautifully condensed in the fo ...

20/21 Contemporary Ensemble

The 20/21 Contemporary Ensemble, a student-run company at the Shepherd School of Music, features works by John Adams, Arvo Pärt, Krzysztof Penderecki, and György Ligeti. "Fevers and

Keep it down kids

Hans' Bier Haus is free to party on: Rice Village bar keeps its liquor license, dodging closure in condo feud

By Chris Baldwin

Fans of Hans' Bier Haus have another reason to raise a glass in celebration this Fourth of July weekend. Forget John Adams and that whole independence-from-the-British thing. Hans is s ...

14 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (12)   Places (0)

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