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The Review Is In

Stoned movie making bums out audiences: Inherent Vice an incoherent haze of a messy downer

By Alex Bentley

Director Paul Thomas Anderson has always been known for his esoteric films. In fact, he’s probably the most well-known current filmmaker to have trafficked solely in films that aren’t a ...

Movie Time

A seductive Scarlett Johansson helps make Her one of the strangest movies ever

By Alex Bentley

Spike Jonze’s mindset has always been slightly askew from the majority of those in the entertainment industry. Whether making videos for the Beastie Boys or Bjork, generating ideas for the Ja ...

Countdown to the Oscars

Pick Oscar's Best Actor and earn a chance to win a year's film pass at Sundance Cinemas

By Clifford Pugh

Just about everyone has an opinion on who should — and will — win the top prizes at the 85th Annual Academy Awards. Now you have a chance to turn your picks into something special &mdas ...

Movies Are My Life

Let the Oscar race begin! 10 must-see fall movies that are sure to be in the hunt for an Academy Award

By Joe Leydon

Movie buffs don’t need to check their calendars to know what season this is. All they have to do is note the steady drumbeat of advance hype and must-see buzz emanating from the Telluride, Ve ...

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Best (Justin Timberlake) and Worst Dressed (Russell Brand) Men at the Oscars

By Dillon Sorensen

As always, most of the focus on the red carpet at the 83rd annual Academy Awards was on what the women were wearing. But many of Hollywood’s leading men dressed to the nines for the occasion, ...

Most Viewed & Editor's Picks

UT shooting, a new burger joint & high kicks are top CultureMap stories

By Clifford Pugh

News travels fast on the Web. So it's no wonder that CultureMap readers turned to our site to find out the latest information about a shooting at the University of Texas. It was the most viewed ...

The real rap

Joaquin Phoenix & Casey Affleck's hoax excuses exposed as BS by one inconvenient truth

By Caroline Gallay

Joaquin Phoenix made his first return to The Late Show with David Letterman this week since his infamous February 2009 appearance, in which he appeared, as we now know, in character, as a maybe-dru ...

Vegging Out

From Big Mac to McVegan: My journey to a meatless life

By Joel Luks

“Would you like fries with that?” I would ask, often with a hint of teenage I-know-it-all-and-I-am-better-than-you attitude. And I was. Fashioning high tech drive-thru gear gave me ...

8 Results. Showing to
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