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The Review Is In

A ballet to silence the doubters: Houston Ballet's Journey is beyond masterful — and funny

By Theodore Bale

This journey might have only three stops — Russia, Czechoslovakia, and America — but it’s still one of the most thrilling trips imaginable. Houston Ballet’s current rep prog ...

Mark Your Calendar

Houston Ballet's Women@Art promises dazzling choreography from Twyla Tharp & Aszure Barton

By Theodore Bale

Editor's Note: As part of CultureMap's State of the Arts series, we are highlighting upcoming fall arts events you won't want to miss. As much as I dislike the name for Houston Ball ...

Best Left To History

It's time to demand more of the Houston Ballet than Stevenson's tired, limp Romeo and Juliet

By Theodore Bale

Houston Ballet opened the final production of its 2011-12 season Thursday night with what company press releases called a “lavish production” of Ben Stevenson’s Romeo and Juliet. ...

The Review Is In

Skating on the edge: Houston Ballet's Return of the Masters doesn't play it safe and that's refreshing

By Joseph Campana

The masters are back. Where have they been all this time? Houston Ballet's opened its season Thursday night with Return of the Masters, a program composed of three masterworks by choreograp ...

The Arthropologist

Pay it forward: If random acts of kindness work, can random acts of art change a life?

By Nancy Wozny

What did you do this summer? I cleaned about 100 junk drawers in the process of selling my family home in Buffalo, NY., and found a gorgeous tabletop biography of Anna Pavlova. Just recently, I lea ...

Don't Miss List

From King Tut to British ballet to paintings that stare back, Houston's arts scene builds anticipation

By Joseph Campana

Editors Note: We've asked Houston arts leaders and CultureMap contributors to pick the jewels from Houston's upcoming arts season — the events that they cannot imagine missing. Here i ...

At the Hobby Center

One man's obsession with West Side Story and how a hunky Jet fits in

By Joel Luks

Tonight. We all have had that one night where seemingly, everything happens in slow motion. You find the boy, the girl, and for some, maybe a little of both. Your toes curl and your nails tingl ...

Pick Five (Plus)

Your weekly guide to Houston: Rothko Chapel turns 40 and a major film festival screens

By Joel Luks

I survived my first week at CultureMap without any major blunders, mishaps or embarrassing moments. I managed to show up on time, produce a healthy amount of content allowing myself time to partake ...

8 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (8)   Places (0)

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