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Party Watch

Fresh Arts supporters have a sweet time at Gum Ball in crazy Candyland fashion

By Clifford Pugh

What: The Gum Ball: A Willy Wonka Themed Gala. Where: 115 Hyde Park Blvd. The 411: Houston's arts community had a sweet time at the Fresh Arts gala centered around the legenda ...

Dead Dogs Controversy

Art for dead dogs? $86,000 BARC beautification project creates a furor as art is funded amid shelter's killing

By Joel Luks

A proposed Houston Arts Alliance civic art project designed to beautify BARC Adoption and Animal Shelter's future building has some people hissing, questioning whether the use funds is appropri ...

Nonprofit Data

Moneyball for art: Stat tracking program looks to change the cultural realm

By Joel Luks

Ask art administrators what their biggest challenge is and they'll respond in unison: Money. Their second, however, is access to statistical data that measure value, impact and efficiency &mdas ...

Rhapsody in bleu

Wild young professionals dance fête rings in Menil's silver anniversary — Gangnam style

By Joel Luks

The "Bleu Electrique" soirée may have started as a proper, well mannered meet-and-greet social Saturday evening. Picture an impeccably dressed throng sashaying down a covered runwa ...

Sales are up

Shop 'til you drop: Fresh Arts WHAM spenders get original with locally crafted goods

By Joel Luks

When the holiday shopping gets tough, tough holiday shoppers go for WHAM. The Fresh Arts, formerly Spacetaker, Winter Holiday Art Market has bloomed year after year in revenue directly supporti ...

Small business power

Stayin' alive: Winter Holiday Art Market helps creative entrepreneurs sell cool goods

By Joel Luks

Pacing to and fro is how Teresa O'Connor feeds her creativity. For days, the kitchen counters in her home in the Heights are swathed with raw materials, often salvaged leathers, fabrics, me ...

Crowdsourcing suits

Influencers rev up to support Houston nonprofit arts at high-energy launch party

By Joel Luks

If a little can go a long way, the tenet behind crowdsource campaigns, then the enterprising influencers who are revving up Houston's Arts Alliance's online fundraising platf ...

Getting personal

How does art inspire you? Houston's arts leaders offer a collage of thoughts

By Joel Luks

Why do we love art? What is it about the arts that inspires us personally, spiritually and academically? CultureMap reached out to major art leaders and art makers for their innermost thoughts ...

Art party

An exotic destination in the city: Hunter Gorham welcomes guests, Latin-style

By Joel Luks

The art gallery perched on top of Paulie's Restaurant is what one would expect from 1950s residential architecture. Partitioned into a few commercial spaces, a side door leads upwards to an imp ...

Hit and Run Accident

A shining light fades: Jeremy Choate's death leaves a void in Houston arts community — and beyond

By Joel Luks

If there was one Houston creative who roused audiences to pay attention to light, it was Jeremy Choate. The light artist partnered with numerous dance, theater and multi-disciplinary masters t ...

24 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (24)   Places (0)