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Mallett Schools Manziel

Ryan Mallett schools a dumbly benched Johnny Manziel on how it's done: Texans hero knows the backup game

By Chris Baldwin

CLEVELAND — Ryan Mallett marches into the huddle, full of purpose and controlled fire. He's a man on a mission, certain he's right where he is supposed to be. Matthew McConaughey& ...

Mallett's Monster Arm

Ryan Mallett shows off his monster arm: It's suddenly deep ball city for Houston Texans

By Chris Baldwin

CLEVELAND —  Give Bill O'Brien credit. He didn't saddle Ryan Mallett with training wheels in his first career NFL start. Instead, the Houston Texans coach let The Arm loose. ...

Watt Does It Again

J.J. Watt mimics Rob Gronkowski: Splits wide, makes diving catch for historic TD — The Gronk II?

By Chris Baldwin

CLEVELAND — Just when you thought J.J. Watt couldn't possibly add more to his game, he goes full tight end. Move over Gronk? Watt didn't just catch his second touchdown pass of th ...

J.J. Watt Ties Up Hakeem

Move over Olajuwon: J.J. Watt ties The Dream, trails only Earl Campbell in a Houston sports record

By Chris Baldwin

CLEVELAND —  Hakeem Olajuwon won two NBA titles, played 18 largely brilliant seasons in the NBA, went to three Final Fours in college and . . .  still, he only got two of these ...

Cavs Star Honors J.J.

Cleveland Cavaliers star pays mad respect to J.J. Watt: Even NBA guys don't mess with NFL's Sheriff

By Chris Baldwin

If you ever held any doubts about J.J. Watt's ability to transcend football, it's time to put them to rest. It turns out stars from other sports cannot help but pay attention — an ...

Style File

This sexy young mom brings high style to the Houston Texans sidelines

By Shelby Hodge

With several hundred Houston Texan fans hugging the sidelines at last Sunday's pregame festivities at NRG Stadium, standing out was no easy task, particularly with all the team fashion —e ...

Ryan Mallett No Savior

Ryan Mallett just a rest stop on way to Tom Savage: Patriots reject no savior, QB carousel only beginning

By Chris Baldwin

Say this for Ryan Mallett: The Houston Texans new towering starting quarterback knows how to sound like a cheesy movie hero. "I'm ready to drive," Mallett says after Bill O'Brien ...

Andre Johnson Put In Grave

Andre Johnson prematurely put in his grave: Eagles mocking, 610 AM radio nonsense hides the real truth

By Chris Baldwin

Andre Johnson shuffles over to his locker in shower sandals and black shorts, looking much older than his already supposedly football geriatric 33 years. Of course Johnson often moves at the pace o ...

The Sanchize Reborn

Butt fumble begone: Mark Sanchez shifts ridicule to Texans with his unlikely clutch save

By MoiseKapenda Bower

As Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Mark Sanchez chatted during his postgame presser, practically beaming after his unexpected stewardship underscored the Eagles' 31-21 win over the ...

Sideline Partying

The place to see and be seen: VIPs rock 'n' roll on the sidelines before Houston Texans game

By Shelby Hodge

Well before kickoff and long before the Texans vs. Eagles score turned on the dark side, there was a rocking party playing out on the sidelines at NRG Stadium where several hundred fans with VIP pa ...

687 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 69
Refine By:   Events (15)   Lists (0)   News (672)   Places (0)

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