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Don't-Miss New Restaurants

10 new don't-miss dining spots guaranteed to get Houston Restaurant Weeks off to a roaring start

By Eric Sandler

One of the best things about Houston Restaurant Weeks, which kicks off Friday, is the opportunity to try a new restaurant at a friendlier price point than might regularly be available. New res ...

Cajun Charity

Cajun chain joins restaurant do-gooders changing Houston's late-summer dining scene

By Marene Gustin

 There’s more than one reason to eat at Ragin’ Cajun and its fancier sister LA Bar these days. Oh sure, there’s the crawfish and shrimp cooked in the spicy Low County boi ...

Houston Restaurant Week Menus

So many choices: More than 150 menus are unveiled on Houston Restaurant Weeks website

By Eric Sandler

It's here. One of the most anticipated dates for any Houston foodie has arrived. The website for the 2014 edition of Houston Restaurant Weeks went live Tuesday morning with menus from more than ...

Houston Restaurant Weeks 2014

The delicious month-long food odyssey known as Houston Restaurant Weeks returns Aug. 1 and runs through Sept. 1. Founded in 2003 by Cleverley Stone, Houston Restaurant Weeks has raised more th

Restaurant Weeks Returns

Houston Restaurant Weeks is back — with new prices and a supersized vision

By Eric Sandler

Houston Restaurant Weeks has revealed that it will return for its 11th year from Aug. 1 to Sept. 1. By now, diners eagerly anticipate the event during which more than a hundred of the Houston ...

Restaurant Weeks Record

Houston Restaurant Weeks sets another new record: See just how giant the big check is

By Eric Sandler

Once again, Houstonians have demonstrated their fondness for doing good while eating well via the month-long Houston Restaurant Weeks fundraiser. At a press conference Wednesday, organizer Cleverle ...

Monster Guacamole

New monster guacamole surprises: A high-end Houston restaurant takes things to the extreme

By Marene Gustin

There’s guacamole and then there’s guacamole. And then there’s that green mash they sell in supermarkets in a plastic bag. What is that stuff anyway, soylent green maybe? But ...

CultureMap Video

This high-end Uptown Park spot looks to end Houston Restaurant Weeks with bargain bites

By Marcy de Luna

There seems to be something for everyone at The Tasting Room. Wine lovers can savor more than 200 choices from vineyards all across the globe — including dozens of wines by the glass — ...

CultureMap Video

Inventive cocktails liven up Houston Restaurant Weeks menu at Backstreet Cafe

By Marcy de Luna

Houston Restaurant Weeks isn't only about getting a great deal on good eats. Some restaurants, like Backstreet Café, are enticing foodies with wine, beer and cocktail pair ...

Nice pairings

Best Houston Restaurant Weeks options for wine drinkers and other imbibers

By Eric Sandler

The primary appeal of Houston Restaurant Weeks, other than the good karma of helping raise money for the Houston Food Bank (of course), is the chance to save a little money on a good meal at a ...

57 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 6
Refine By:   Events (7)   Lists (0)   News (50)   Places (0)

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