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West Ave Murder

Murder charges filed against Houston man in West Ave stabbing death

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Murder charges have been filed against a suspect in the stabbing death of another man at the West Ave apartment complex early Sunday morning. Huntley James Grichor, 26, appeared in court Monday ...

Rush hour miracle

Rush hour miracle: Seven survive harrowing plunge into murky bayou after crash

By Nicole Appleby

Seven workers plunged into White Oak Bayou during the early morning rush hour Wednesday when the driver of their van lost control and slammed the vehicle into the murky waters. But in what official ...

Pleas For Help

Teen lover's mysterious Valentine's disappearance baffles the police: Car wrecked, only shoes found

By Tyler Rudick

A cloud of mystery continues to surround the bizarre disappearance of Antonio Saldivar — the high school junior who vanished this weekend while delivering a Valentine's Day gift. The ...

Movie Theater Robbery

BB gun robbery attempt at a popular Houston movie theater turns into a real police shooting

By Tyler Rudick

A late-night movie date erupted in violence this weekend when an off-duty cop shot two young robbery suspects armed with what investigators believe was a "realistic looking" BB gun. J ...

Bike Killing Solved

Justice for a run over biker? Controversial hit-and-run killing finally results in an arrest

By Tyler Rudick

Following a two-month investigation, Houston police have arrested a 35-year-old Houston driver believed to be behind the hit-and-run death of cyclist Chelsea Norman on Waugh Drive in early December ...

Pet Serial Killer On Loose

Fears of a pet serial killer shake Montrose: Mutilated cat and missing animals leave plenty of questions

By Tyler Rudick

A rash of missing cats has Montrose pet owners fearing the worst amidst rumors of hungry coyotes and a possible serial animal killer. (Warning: Gruesome details ahead.) On Saturday, residents n ...

Another Cyclist Killed

Another hit-and-run death has cyclists wondering if they're safe on Houston streets

By Tyler Rudick

Houston police are asking the public for information about an apparent hit-and-run that left a cyclist dead in Brays Bayou — potentially the third fatal bicycle-vehicle collision in less ...

Bicycle tragedy

Do Houston drivers hate cyclists? Another biker killed in hit-and-run accident

By Tyler Rudick

For the second time this month, the Houston Police Department is searching for an unknown driver blamed for fatally striking a cyclist and fleeing the scene. Around 7 p.m. on Friday, a white ve ...

Fake Cops Terrorize

Fake cop home invasions grow into a frightening new Houston trend: Imposters have uniforms

By Tyler Rudick

After a rash of robberies by police impersonators, Houston law enforcement is asking citizens to keep a watchful eye on how officers are dressed. Tuesday marked the third incident in recent wee ...

Soulful Justice

Patti LaBelle's violent entourage finally on trial for West Point cadet airport assault

By Tyler Rudick

Delayed from going to trial for more the two years, a high-profile case involving an army cadet and members of Patti LaBelle's entourage has finally made its way to a Harris County cr ...

86 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 9
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (84)   Places (0)

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