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CultureMap Video

Chefs tout farm-to-table brunch (and a Moscow Mule) during Houston Restaurant Weeks

By Eric Sandler

In this week's Houston Restaurant Weeks video, we pay a visit to Sorrel Urban Bistro, a farm-to-table restaurant in the Upper Kirby area, to check out the restaurant's three-course, $25 bru ...

Stone Stands Strong

Restaurant Weeks drama escalates: Kicked out restaurant fires back at organizer, cries charity foul

By Eric Sandler

Chef Olivier Ciesielski did not respond to CultureMap's request for comment about his restaurant L'Olivier's removal from Houston Restaurant Weeks before the article  ...

Restaurant Weeks Scandal

Scandalous! Restaurant kicked out of Houston Restaurant Weeks for rules breaking & deceiving diners

By Eric Sandler

As they say, rules are rules. But, rules are meant to be broken. What happens when two cliches come into conflict?  One Houston restaurant found out this weekend that no one ...

Houston's Best Lunches

Eating cheap for Houston Restaurant Weeks: These lunch options are the best bargains of all

By Eric Sandler

Since Texans value straight talk, allow me to indulge in a bit of honesty about Houston Restaurant Weeks. While it's wonderful that the event raises a lot of money for the Houston Food Bank (mo ...

CultureMap Video

Master chef's determined to wow during Houston Restaurant Weeks: This menu is more than sweet

By Eric Sandler

In this week's Houston Restaurant Weeks video, we pay a visit to 60 Degrees Mastercrafted. As it heads towards its first birthday in November, the restaurant is finding an audience thanks to ch ...

The 10 Best Brunches

The 10 best brunch spots for Houston Restaurant Weeks: And why this foodie option's a bargain

By Eric Sandler

"Where should I go for Houston Restaurant Weeks?" It's a question I've heard a lot recently from readers and friends alike. With more than 200 participating restaurants, the choic ...

Party Watch

Houston Restaurant Weeks kicks off with a crazy lip-synching battle won by a reality TV star

By Shelby Hodge

What: Houston Restaurant Weeks launch party. Where: Local Pour. The 411: Chefs, foodies and party boys and girls revved their engines for the month-long dine-out marathon at a kickoff ...

Restaurant Weeks Stunner

A most exclusive restaurant rolls out the red carpet for Houston Restaurant Weeks: No skimping here

By Eric Sandler

Throughout the month of August, CultureMap will be running a series of videos to highlight some of Houston Restaurant Week's most intriguing menus. First up is Tony's. The Italian-inspi ...

Restaurant Weeks Game Changer

Dinner and a movie now part of Houston Restaurant Weeks: $35 for three courses and a flick

By Eric Sandler

Throughout its history, the only entertainment provided by Houston Restaurant Weeks came via either an engaging server or sparking dinner conversation from one's friends. But that was then. Thi ...

Don't-Miss New Restaurants

10 new don't-miss dining spots guaranteed to get Houston Restaurant Weeks off to a roaring start

By Eric Sandler

One of the best things about Houston Restaurant Weeks, which kicks off Friday, is the opportunity to try a new restaurant at a friendlier price point than might regularly be available. New res ...

111 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 12
Refine By:   Events (38)   Lists (0)   News (73)   Places (0)

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