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Save the Date!

House of Cards' Kevin Spacey headed to H-Town for black-tie dinner benefit

By Shelby Hodge

We would assume that the conniving President Frank Underwood persona will be left in D.C. when the dashing Kevin Spacey lands in H-Town this fall for a Best Buddies fundraiser. But we bet for ...

Links We Love

Larry King talks dirty, Drake's House of Cards, stunning wedding cakes

By Claire St. Amant

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now: ...

iPad Is iYawn

New iPads are iYawns: Apple's lost its innovative spirit — for the love of Jobs, what's going on?

By Joel Luks

We like things that come in threes. Whether it's the Holy Trinity, a plate of sliders or a trio of marketing words with a percussive twang that attempts to add thrill — and value &mda ...

Must-See TV

Must-see TV: Orange is the New Black is a binge-watcher's delight

By Desiree Alvarez

They say admitting your problem is the first step. So, I confess: I'm addicted to Orange is the New Black. It's quirky, brilliant and so all-consuming that it's hard not to watch a ...

You Dirty Dogs

TV drives partners to cheat on their spouses: A new shocking adultery study

By Jonathan Rienstra

According to a new survey, 28 million Americans have cheated on their significant others. Turns out, we’re pretty rotten. Of course, we’re talking about what New York Magazine calls ...

The Week in TV

TV worth watching: House of Cards marks Netflix series debut and a revamped Smash returns

By Aleksander Chan, Katie Stroh

In our weekly roundup of what's worth seeing (and what isn't), Broadway musicals, zombies and a beloved comedy returns. Also, we attempt to binge on Netflix's first original series. ...

Is it a House of Cards?

Netflix rewrites TV history with first "made-for-connected" series

By Cynthia Neely

Holey moley. Did you feel the earth move under your feet? The TV business has been shaken – not delicately stirred – by news that Netflix is now in the original programming business ...

7 Results. Showing to
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