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Insider Knowledge

A Christmas curmudgeon's guide to holiday theater: The only shows truly worth your time

By Tarra Gaines

You’ve gobbled down that Thanksgiving turkey, devoured those Black Friday bargains and consumed hours worth of Black Friday stampedes videos, and if you’re sophisticated connoisseur lik ...

Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events — Legos and booze party included

By Joel Luks

On tap this week are classes that speak to your inner child, a dark thriller that could usher in the end of days, a film party, colorful performances and a thespian production set in one of the cit ...

Horse Head Theatre presents The Aliens by Annie Baker


The Aliens is a delicate drama that follows two friends — KJ, played by Kevin Jones, and Jasper, played by Drake Simpson — who appear to be moving in slow motion as they hang out in the

The Arthropologist

The halfway point: Houston performing artists experience the joys of mid-career careers

By Nancy Wozny

When Houston Ballet first soloist Kelly Myernick dons her harem pants and takes the stage as Gamzatti, the mysterious murderess of La Bayadere through March 3, she will complete ...

Horse Head Theatre Company presents Your Family Sucks by Abby Koenig

Your Family Sucks is a dark comedy about a family just like anyone's. Mom is crazy, dad is a drunk, big sis is socially awkward and little sister has an unhealthy obsession with the world's

The Arthropologist

Blinded by the light: Remembering how Jeremy Choate created magic on H-Town dance stages

By Nancy Wozny

The arts community lost a dear friend. I lost a friend and a colleague. By now, you know that Jeremy Choate died due to injuries sustained during a motorcycle accident last weekend. Choate was one ...

Horse Head Theatre Company's Jeremy Choate Homage "Let's Burn Some Shit"

Horse Head Theatre pays respects to light artist Jeremy Choate, who passed away on Sunday from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. The gathering, which is BYOB (no glass), will light up th

The Arthropologist

Jeremy Choate sees the light in dance collaboration with Noblemotion on Photo Box D

By Nancy Wozny

From mid-air, a flying body disappears into a velvety blackness as if consumed by an invisible force, reappearing quickly, only to be pulled back, sometimes even dragged, into the darkness. We see ...

The Arthropologist

Couch time is over: Let the arts season begin

By Nancy Wozny

CultureMap isn't the only thing launching this fall. The arts season is already in full swing and I am finally up to full speed. It's not easy going from "nadda" to "lott ...

9 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (3)   Lists (0)   News (6)   Places (0)

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