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A New Chicken Ranch

A new Chicken Ranch crops up on North Main, aims to become a Houston institution: This ain't no fad

By Eric Sandler

A veteran of Houston's restaurant scene has partnered with a longtime dining enthusiast and talented home cook to bring Houston really good fried chicken. Joshua Martinez, recently of Goro  ...

New Dessert Restaurant

Houston's new dessert restaurant shakes up the sweet scene with crazy flavors — and beer

By Eric Sandler

Looking over the loaded pastry case at that newly opened Red Dessert Dive on Studewood, the options are sort of dizzying. Unlike the cupcake shops that sprouted up a couple years back, much more th ...

Doughnut Boom

Popular food truck duo brings fancy doughnuts to the Heights for a price: Who wants a hug?

By Eric Sandler

Houston's collective obsession with the pastry-of-the-moment goes through cycles. First, it was cupcakes. Now, we're entranced by macaroons as part of a wave of bakeries (with more coming) ...

Dramatic Heights Restaurant

New Heights restaurant brings plenty of family history, dramatic views and Italian comfort food

By Eric Sandler

Piatto Ristorante, the Galleria-area staple of classic Italian-American fare, recently moved its second location from Royal Oaks to an all new building in the Heights.  Piatto owner J ...

New Celeb Restaurant

Funky Chicken's celebrity chef finally opens a Houston restaurant worthy of buzz — and maybe best burger talk

By Eric Sandler

Bradley's Fine Diner is the restaurant Houston has been waiting for. At least, the part of Houston that's patronized Funky Chicken, Ogden's fast casual would be Chipotle of roasted and ...

Drink Up

Houston finally gets its own tiki bar: Are you ready for a tropical escape in a strip mall?

By Eric Sandler

Houston may have thousands of places to get a drink, but, until about three weeks ago, none of them were tiki bars. Sure, a spot like Under the Volcano may have a somewhat tropical decor and V ...

Destroyed tree re-emerges

100-year-old tree destroyed by developers is transformed into handcrafted furniture

By Tyler Rudick

While Heights activists were unable to spare it from developers, a century-old tree that once shaded the corner of Oxford and 23rd Streets is getting a second life — thanks to eco-f ...

Shocking Heights Crime

Car window shooting spree puts The Heights on edge: And the mayhem's spreading

By Elizabeth Rhodes

More than 20 cars were damaged as windows were shot out overnight in the Heights neighborhood. The vandalism was first noted on Sunday night on Twitter, and according to user @HoustonHeigh ...

Foodie News

Las Vegas celebrity chef brings big fried chicken dreams to Houston: Wants 200-plus restaurants

By Eric Sandler

"This is one of hopefully 200. That's our goal."  So says chef Bradley Ogden about his new restaurant Funky Chicken that opened last week on Heights Blvd just south of I-10. ...

Hometown Buy

New neighborhood T-shirts give Montrose, Heights, Meyerland & Oak Forest residents pride — and style

By Elizabeth Rhodes

Realtor Michael Wachs recently decided to make neighborhood varsity shirts so residents can show their neighborhood pride. Before working in real estate, Wachs worked in graphic design in New Y ...

43 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (42)   Places (1)

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