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Tattered Jeans

The most magical sunset in the world makes itself known — and the kayak man in the moon isn't far behind

By Katie Oxford

Along the Florida panhandle, if the green water and white sand don’t scratch something deep, stick around for the sunset. There’s more. Around 7 p.m., folks start gathering on the b ...

Shark Trouble

A 2,300-pound-plus Great White Shark is speeding toward Texas: Cue the Jaws music

By Nicole Appleby

The famous line "You’re gonna need a bigger boat" could become a reality this summer in Texas when the region experiences a real-life, 21st century version of the American ...

dining desination

Ciao down: Galveston's Grotto restaurant brings top-notch Italian right to the Gulf beachfront

By Promoted Series Correspondent

While the San Luis Resort, Spa & Conference Center continues its reign as Galveston's premier spot for sand and sun, the popular hotel complex also has earned a reputation as a dining desti ...

Sea Aggies

Mysterious shipwreck off Galveston is full of surprises: A great pirates find?

By Tyler Rudick

A mysterious shipwreck is capturing imaginations as a team of researchers sift through the remnants of an early 19th-century vessel located 150 miles off the Galveston Island coast. ...

Lookin' for legit Red snapper

Mystery seafood: Half of all fish sold in Texas is mislabeled, study finds — restaurants are biggest culprits

By Tyler Rudick

You know that red snapper you ate the other night? Yeah, the one covered in the lemon caper sauce? Well, your chances of actually eating snapper are pretty slim, at least according to a new stu ...

Rain, yes . . . hail, no

No mini-apocalypse for Houston: Shift in winds keeps heaviest rains in Gulf of Mexico

By Tyler Rudick

While this recent batch of storms certainly has made its mark across the region, Wednesday's weather has proved relatively manageable for Houstonians thanks to a subtle shift in the w ...

Tattered Jeans

Eroding the dream: Hailed by fishermen, the Rollover Fish Pass is a nightmare for homeowners

By Katie Oxford

Rollover is the historical name given the narrowest part of Bolivar Peninsula. Stories vary as to how Rollover got its name. The historical marker erected there in 1963 states that early ship c ...

important ecosystem

Healing our waters: The Gulf of Mexico Summit looks at the state of Texas' seawater

By Melissa Gaskill

A host of high-level officials from the federal, state and local governments, scientists from a whopping 66 academic institutions, representatives of businesses such as seafood and oil and gas and ...

Travelin' Man

Humming coming atcha: Keep your ears peeled for nature’s mini-marvels — hummingbirds zipping through Houston

By Stephan Lorenz

Some people may catch a fleeting glimpse of one hovering near backyard flowers. Others possibly hang out at feeders and watch a handful of them buzz around sugar water for a few days. But the major ...

Travelin' Man

Pack your sea legs & pretzels and spend 12 hours wildlife watching in the Gulf of Mexico

By Stephan Lorenz

Out of the black and into the blue. The still waters in the harbor were deceptive as the ship, the Osprey, motored past jetties toward the open Gulf. The morning was a typical Texas summer, hum ...

17 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (17)   Places (0)

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