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O'Brien Talks Tough

Tough new sheriff: Bill O'Brien sounds like the anti Kubiak, vows to be hard on Texans players

By Chris Baldwin

Bill O'Brien certainly hasn't walked timidly into his new job as the head coach/franchise savior of the Houston Texans. With large posters of J.J. Watt and Andre Johnson flanking him on ...

Texans New Coach Is Close

How Bill O'Brien won over the Houston Texans: Tom Brady fight only helped new coach in waiting

By Chris Baldwin

The Houston Texans are closing in on landing the No. 1 target of their head coaching search: Penn State University coach Bill O'Brien. CultureMap was the first news outlet anywhere to repo ...

Keenum Is Back

Case Keenum is back: Shrugs off injury to give Texans final game future hope

By Chris Baldwin

No one ever doubted Case Keenum's toughness at the University of Houston — not after he came back from a severe knee injury to have a senior season for the ages. Now, Keenum is setti ...

Texans No. 1 Coach Target

Penn State's Bill O'Brien emerges as Houston Texans No. 1 target for new head coach

By Chris Baldwin

Penn State coach Bill O'Brien is the leading candidate to be the Houston Texans next coach, a source close to the search tells CultureMap. The Texans began putting early back channel feeler ...

More Colts Horror

Andrew Luck is crippling Wade Phillips' chances of becoming Texans permanent head coach

By Chris Baldwin

Andrew Luck's hardly been dominant in his second NFL season. He's struggling to raise his completion percentage (it's just above 56 percent without lifeline receiver Reggie Wayne), stru ...

Keenum Vs. Romo

Case Keenum gets Wade Phillips' attention: Tony Romo believer sees the potential

By Chris Baldwin

Wade Phillips coached the Dallas Cowboys during the best of Tony Romo — that 13-3 2007 season somehow viewed as a disappointment at the time (even though Jerry Jones would kill for anything c ...

Firing Kubiak Is Right

Gary Kubiak is fired: Case Keenum treatment seals his doom as Bob McNair does the right thing

By Chris Baldwin

Gary Kubiak is done as the Houston Texans coach. The morning after a nationally televised debacle in Jacksonville — one that saw Kubiak jerking around young quarterback Case Keenum a ...

Blaming Keenum Is Absurd

Blaming Case Keenum is absurd, gutless: Gary Kubiak's childish Matt Schaub crush is a fireable offense

By Chris Baldwin

Gary Kubiak needs to be fired. Or immediately sent to rehab. The Houston Texans coach clearly carries an unhealthy addiction to Matt Schaub, one that's certainly doomed his future in Housto ...

Keenum Shows Belichick

Case Keenum shows Bill Belichick he's an NFL force: Now the Texans need to buy in

By Chris Baldwin

It's almost like Case Keenum doesn't know any better. Or refuses to accept reality. He'll just keep heaving darts down the field. He'll just keep firing back at Tom Brady and Bi ...

The Rookie

Big Play Hands: DeAndre Hopkins shows why he absolutely must play — no matter what

By Chris Baldwin

DeAndre Hopkins has a step — and Case Keenum knows where the ball needs to go. Keenum heaves it high and far. Right where Hopkins needs it. And as the rookie wide receiver comes down ...

188 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 19
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (188)   Places (0)

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