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The Biggest Restaurant Closings

The biggest restaurant closings in Houston: Failures no one saw coming, chef drama and more

By Eric Sandler

Few aspects of life in Houston demonstrate how constant change is than the city's restaurant scene. A beloved honky tonk could get torn down for parking at a moment's notice. A high-pr ...

The Last Feast

An iconic Houston restaurant says goodbye by selling off everything

By Julia Davila

I am a firm believer in one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. And an important Houston restaurant is doing its best to prove that.  Feast — the groundbreaki ...

The Final Taste

The last Feast: Checking out a closing, pioneering Montrose restaurant in its final days

By Clifford Pugh

I am a restaurant's worst nightmare — a diner with good intentions. I often lament the fact that an interesting establishment is closing but often don't frequent it until it decides t ...

New Chef Driven Restaurant

After Feast: Two major chefs are teaming up for a new Heights restaurant with iconic closing looming

By Tyler Rudick

After Feast announced it would be closing its doors this August, the Houston food community has been waiting patiently to hear what the award-winning team of James and Meagan Silk and Richard ...

Foodie News

Where to eat right now: 10 hot must-try restaurants for December

By Ruthie Miller

December is here! Need a lunch or dinner recommendation? Here’s where you should eat right now in Houston.    The Pass Put on your fancy pants because the tasting-menu hal ...

Foodie News

Feast is closing: Groundbreaking, critic-beloved restaurant to shutter in a matter of months

By Sarah Rufca

Feast was the first restaurant to make nose-to-tail dining a feature in Houston and one of the first restaurants to include the farms and other purveyors on the menu, so diners could see where thei ...

Food for Thought

Eat well and do good: Houston restaurants offer great specials that help out all sorts of charities

By Marene Gustin

You can call the Houston restaurant scene a lot of things: eclectic, fabulous, great tacos and fine dining to beat any food scene in the country. And charitable, because our restaurants are als ...

Texas travels

Forget the Alamo: Here's how you do a weekend getaway in San Antonio

By Rachael Abrams

When Santa Anna and William B. Travis fought it out during the Battle of the Alamo, they probably did not foresee the fort becoming a Texas landmark. Although San Antonio takes prides in this less- ...

Pissing In the Wind?

Pee Gate: Feast chef denies health inspector urination charge, wonders how it became TV big

By Tyler Rudick

A busy Thursday night in the middle of Houston Restaurant Weeks is an unfortunate time for a surprise visit from city health inspectors . . . and no establishment knows that better than the ow ...

Twilight Talk: A Conversation with the Foodies from Feast Restaurant


Join Rienzi in celebrating English Taste: The Art of Dining in the Eighteenth Century at December's culinary-themed Twilight Talk. Tour Rienzi's splendid European decorative arts collection

28 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (26)   Places (1)