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Hometown Girls

Move over, Erica Rose: New Houston hotties dazzle on The Bachelor, back flips and all

By Tyler Rudick

The Bachelor roared back to the small screen this week with not one, but two Houstonians — both of whom survived the first elimination round to continue their quest for lo ...

Reality TV

The Lowe-down on the next Bachelor: Texas contestant flashes marriage-worthy abs

By Claire St. Amant

It's almost that time of year again, folks. No, I'm not talking about Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'm talking about the glorious return of The Bachelor to Monday nights. This season ...

Reality Fact check

The secrets of Kalon McMahon: Doesn't wear Prada, does have a helicopter — as for that new girlfriend . . .

By Tyler Rudick

So, clearly all is not forgiven . . . Emily Maynard doled out harsh words for Houston reality TV villain Kalon McMahon on Monday night's special "Men Tell All" episode of&nbs ...

helicopter parent?

Kalon McMahon's mom sticks up for Bachelorette loser: He's clever and real, not cruel

By Tyler Rudick

After sifting through dozens of fake Kalon McMahon accounts to reach the Houston reality star after his dramatic departure from The Bachelorette, CultureMap finally made contact ...

London Falling Down

A loser with baggage: Kalon McMahon Bachelorette booted with righteous F-Bomb fury

By Tyler Rudick

Oh, how the mighty fall . . . After miraculously surviving four weeks of The Bachelorette season eight, Houston reality bad boy Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon finally took it too far Monday night, launc ...

Watch your back, Helicopter Man

A new villain rises on The Bachelorette? Former Arena League footballer steps it up as Kalon fades from limelight

By Tyler Rudick

Wait, I'm confused . . . Where's Kalon? For the first two weeks of The Bachelorette, we watched the Houston reality star fly circles around his rival suitors, doling out ...

H-Town's New Reality Star

Smooth villain: Kalon McMahon's Louis Vuitton luggage & cutting-in ways turns up Bachelorette drama

By Tyler Rudick

Local reality star Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon lives to see another week of televised dating mayhem on The Bachelorette. After an awkward-but-unforgettable helicopter arrival on the season p ...

US Weekly loves him

Helicopter stud: Houston villain Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon credited with saving bland Bachelorette

By Whitney Radley

The eighth season of ABC's The Bachelorette doesn't premiere until Monday night, but Houston's Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon is already shaping up as the show's ...

Is He The Man?

Erica Rose dissed by buzzed-over new Bachelorette hunk: Is Kalon fighting for H-Town's honor?

By Whitney Radley

How did reality show princess Erica Rose react to this week's buzz that man about town Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon might add another Houston face to Bachelor franchise lore? "W ...

H-Town's latest reality star?

Move over Erica Rose: A tall, dark and handsome Houstonian creates secret Bachelorette buzz

By Shelby Hodge

I know you want tell anyone and no one is supposed to know, but the tom-toms are beating across H-Town that one of our own has earned a reality TV star turn on The Bachelorette.  A male c ...

10 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (10)   Places (0)
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