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Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events — plus Texas' Mardi Gras tips

By Joel Luks

On the itinerary this week is a healthy dose of great tunes, New Orleans-style parties, raucous galas and quirky science fiction love affairs — with lasers. Do this: Click on the link bel ...

Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events

By Joel Luks

On deck this week are a five-day film festival, a classical music brawl, an art auction that supports neighborhood economic development, fabulous cars, an architecture tour and a French story of re ...

Movie Magic

The real history of Rice University: Untold stories shed new light on how the school civilized Houston

By Joel Luks

When film producer Douglas Newman ambled through the Rice University campus conducting interviews for his documentary Beyond the Hedges: Rice University & the City of Houston, in his satchel he ...

PIck Five (Plus)

Your weekly guide to Houston: A can't miss low-brow party, a 5K in the Zoo & a spacey Earth Day

By Joel Luks

In all seriousness, who wouldn't want a Celebritini?  Whether it was name or the melange, it was the libation of choice for "Brasserie Beats Blood Cancer" at Narin's ...

Suspended in Dance

Turning point: Extreme slow motion video captures Houston ballet dancer's every move

By Nancy Wozny

“I can slow time down,” I told neuroscientist David Eagleman about my abilities to watch dance. “No, actually, you can't,” he responded. According to Eagleman, my percep ...

legendary recluse

Enigmatic Texas artist Charlie Stagg dies from burns at 72; House of cans and bottles lives on

By Tyler Rudick

Legendary sculptor Charlie Stagg, who died last month at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston after suffering a series of burns at his home in Vidor, just east of Beau ...

PIck Five (Plus)

Your weekly guide to Houston: Oil field art, Eastwood's historic homes, Bach mania & ZaZa fun

By Joel Luks

Enjoying the cooler temperatures? With milder climates seeping into our daily routines, we couldn't help but find artsy and social affairs that took advantage of the more mannerly elements. &nb ...

Two chances to see it

What's true? The Reconstruction of Asa Carter examines double lives and secret identities

By Joel Luks

We all remember the day we found out our parents weren't superheroes, perfect, omnipotent. It was the day we lost our innocence in favor of maturity. It's part of growing up. Learning & ...

Screening of Douglas Newman's The Reconstruction of Asa Carter

Rice University

Forrest Carter, author of The Outlaw Josey Wales and the autobiographical The Education of Little Tree, was the ‘storyteller in council’ for the Cherokee nation and a hero to many in th

Only in Houston

The improvisational entrepreneur: David Dove brings music to at-risk kids through Nameless Sound

By Joel Luks

What's the point of music — the arts in general — if you can't share it? That's David Dove's inspiration and the modus operandi behind his Houston-based nonprofit N ...

13 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 2
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (12)   Places (0)

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