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Clinton's Secret Houston Night

Bill Clinton's secret Houston night: Former prez jets in for dinner at posh River Oaks mansion

By Shelby Hodge

Former President Bill Clinton swept into town well under the radar on Tuesday for a chichi benefit dinner at the palatial River Oaks home of Sheridan and John Williams, Texas tobacco attorney and&n ...

Watch It For Yourself

Sheila Jackson Lee goes viral, driving Fox News and conservative bloggers insane

By Whitney Radley

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee — who seems to commit a shameless snafu every other time she steps in front of a crowd or a camera — is no stranger to controversy.  In a recent ad ...

Beauty or the beast?

Not sexy: Newsweek makes itself look even crazier than Michele Bachmann with its photo games

By Fayza A. Elmostehi

Just when you thought Newsweek's editor-in-chief Tina Brown had outdone herself, the tricky Brit reveals yet another rager. Hot on the heels of last month's Princess Diana at 50 debacle ...

When's it End?

Why everyone is getting the debt ceiling fiasco wrong: News commentators flunk civics class

By Jim McNabb

OK. This could classify as a screed — a somewhat educated screed, but a screed nonetheless. I’m going to rail against my own profession. I still consider myself a journalist. (Journ ...

mean boys

Drama queen Rick Perry gossips about fake Bill White-Obama feud (with video)

By Steven Thomson

Has a fierce election campaign driven Gov. Rick Perry to pitting his Democratic opponent Bill White against President Barack Obama? Regarding White citing a busy day as his reasoning for not pl ...

The Chicken Ranch governor

Texas Governor Dolph Briscoe — George W. Bush's ranching example — dies

By Chris Baldwin

George W. Bush received plenty of grief for spending an awful lot of time at his Crawford ranch during his presidency. But it turns out that Bush was only following the lead of one of Texas' mo ...

The Reality Of Rachel

A biblical take on Glenn Beck

By Rachel Hanley

Known for foot-in-mouth disease and a right-wing following, Glenn Beck has come out and instructed Christians to leave churches that have the words “social justice” or “economic j ...


Did a bobcat steal the election? Runaway Democratic primary winner Bill White loses to ...

By Chris Baldwin

The Democratic gubernatorial primary carried less legitimate suspense than the most formulaic action movie. As expected, former Houston mayor Bill White walloped his six party foes, rolling to near ...

Party Over People

Political posturing: Why can't we all work together?

By Bill Van Rysdam

When did party politics replace working in the best interest of the people you represent? I speak, of course, about Scott Brown, the newly elected Senator from Massachusetts. He is under siege for ...

Hair today, governor tomorrow?

Houston hair care magnate announces bid for Governor

By Caroline Gallay

Is it the end of the Texas bouffant? While much of the attention on the governor's race is focused on the increasingly nasty fight between Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson, th ...

10 Results. Showing to
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