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Markeplace in H-Town

5 really interesting things we learned about public radio's biggest hunk Kai Ryssdal and his sexy show

By Clifford Pugh

A sellout crowd of 1,100 Houstonians filled the Cullen Theater at the Wortham Center earlier this week to see public radio star Kai Ryssdal and five reporters from the hit show, Marketplace, m ...

The Review Is In

When art organizations team up magic happens: A mind-blowing collision of music and dance

By Joel Luks

It's a darn shame that big art organizations don't collaborate with each other as often as medium and smaller groups do. Multi-disciplinary performances from avant-garde companies such ...

Step into the Listening Room

River Oaks Chamber Orchestra puts music in your pocket: New mobile approach captures fans

By Joel Luks

There's no mistaking when Alecia Lawyer zooms around your part of town. Her mommy SUV is branded with license plates that announce the whereabouts of the fierce leader of the River Oaks Chamber ...


Memoir to movie to memoir: Nick Flynn reenacts the making of Being Flynn in new book

By Tarra Gaines

When we remember, when we search those images of the past stored in our minds, we many times are not just reminiscing but trying to find some meaning in our reflections. But are we discovering mean ...

Houston Bound

Tony Danza is no mere blockhead or rapper: Why the sitcom king is the perfect UP headliner

By Sarah Rufca

Think Tony Danza is nothing more than the adorable blockhead he played on Taxi and Who's The Boss? Think again. Sit down immediately and watch the seven episodes of Teach: Tony Danza, in wh ...

The Review is In

Mothers through the ages: Brandt and Eagleman world premiere honors survival & perseverance

By Joel Luks

When composer Anthony K. Brandt and author and neuroscientist (among other designations) David Eagleman embarked on a collaboration to honor motherhood through music, it wasn't to rouse thought ...

PIck Five (Plus)

Your weekly guide to Houston: A can't miss low-brow party, a 5K in the Zoo & a spacey Earth Day

By Joel Luks

In all seriousness, who wouldn't want a Celebritini?  Whether it was name or the melange, it was the libation of choice for "Brasserie Beats Blood Cancer" at Narin's ...

Suspended in Dance

Turning point: Extreme slow motion video captures Houston ballet dancer's every move

By Nancy Wozny

“I can slow time down,” I told neuroscientist David Eagleman about my abilities to watch dance. “No, actually, you can't,” he responded. According to Eagleman, my percep ...

Sixth Annual Science at the Solstice Priestley Lecture: David Eagleman's "Neuroscience and the Future of Justice"

David Eagleman, neuroscientist, New York Times best-selling author and Guggenheim Fellow, will give the 2011 Joseph Priestly Lecture on how emerging questions at the interface of law and neuroscien

From the drug war to memory

Moving on UP: Life lessons from 16 of America's top minds

By Joel Luks

Mentally exhausted but intellectually and emotionally charged, guests of the fourth annual UP Experience — Unique People and Unique Experiences — had no choice but to go up.   ...

23 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (3)   Lists (0)   News (20)   Places (0)