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Houston Opera Bummer

More Carmen Miranda than stunning Carmen: Houston Grand Opera closes with a whimper after Ring glory

By Theodore Bale

When it comes to Bizet’s Carmen, it’s an “either/or” situation. It’s either about the lusty Carmen with her cigarettes and seguidillas, or it’s all about Don Jos ...

Talk Opera To Me

Seductive Carmen ensures Houston Grand Opera closes on an ultra sexy note

By Joseph Campana

Early in Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold, Albrecht makes a choice: Love or power. He can only make the magic ring from the Rheinmaidens’ gold if he swears off romance forever. The choice ...

The Review Is In

Solid Gold: Dazzling Das Rheingold elevates Houston Grand Opera to new heights

By Theodore Bale

I suppose I’ve been waiting all my life for the La Fura dels Baus production of Wagner’s Das Rheingold. And while my many columns and opera reviews might have given readers the notion t ...

Talk Opera To Me

Putting a Ring on it elevates Houston Grand Opera to new heights — and accomplishes a great dare

By Joseph Campana

There’s only one Ring — Richard Wagner’s Der Ring des Nibelungen, a mammoth endeavor comprised of four operas for which Wagner crafted both music and librettos over 26 years. ...

A little day music

One expensive Ring: $2 million gift for Houston Grand Opera sets a record for a single production

By Shelby Hodge

The fantastical and exotic visions of stage director Carlus Padrissa of Barcelona held the gathering of Houston Grand Opera patrons mesmerized at a theater in Sundance Cinemas Wednesday a ...

5 Results. Showing to
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