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Best Hotels In Texas

The best hotels in Texas: From Austin to Dallas to Houston, the places to stay when luxury matters

By Jennifer Chininis

A vacation can be as much about the accommodations as the destination. Sometimes all that’s required is a comfy spot to rest a weary head, but more often we require something exceptional that ...

Larry Hagman Sipper

Gone but not forgotten: J.R. Ewing Bourbon pays tribute to iconic Dallas star

By Teresa Gubbins

With season three of Dallas coming up, a bottling company is capitalizing on that momentous occasion with a kitschy namesake bourbon. Called J.R. Ewing Bourbon, it's named after the Larry Hagma ...

Hometown Glory

Cheers to a prosperous new year: Survey ranks Houston as economic powerhouse

By Joel Luks

This just in: Houston shows up (again) in another research study that ranks top performing cities in the U.S. This time, the survey focuses on economic thrust going forward into the next year. ...

Real Estate Rumblings

Houston's gone condo crazy: It's the top city in Texas for high-end sales

By Elizabeth Rhodes

The condos are coming . . . and coming. This year Houston sold the most condos among the four major metro areas in Texas according to a 2013 study published by the Real Estate Center at Texas A ...

50 Years Later

The day JFK died: TV anchor recalls exclusive interview with assassin's mother

By Joe Leydon

Last weekend, Bob Schieffer returned to the scene of the crime. The veteran CBS newsman and longtime Face the Nation host was in Dallas – specifically, in the former Texas Schoolbook Depo ...

In memory of President John F. Kennedy discussion with Bill Minutaglio and Steven L. Davis: Dallas 1963

Julia Ideson Library

In the early 1960s, Dallas was brewing with political passions, a city crammed with larger-than-life characters dead-set against the Kennedy presidency. Breathtakingly paced, the book Dallas 1963 p

Driving in Style

Tattoos, mechanical bulls and more: RAM takes over the State Fair of Texas

By Promoted Series Correspondent

Over the next month, millions of Texans from all walks of life will flock to Dallas for the State Fair of Texas, home to tall rides, fried delicacies, quality livestock and big trucks. And righ ...

Oprah Disses H-Town

Oprah Winfrey disses Houston, deems Dallas a much better host city

By Chris Baldwin

Oprah Winfrey's spent a fair amount of time in Texas over the last year and the queen of daytime TV has formed some definite opinions. And they're not very flattering to Houston. Wh ...

Fishy Food Rankings

Best tacos in America list includes few Houston mentions — and snubs renowned restaurants

By Tyler Rudick

Noted foodie website the Daily Meal bravely ranked 35 of the nation's best tacos, doling out accolades to no less than 13 Texas restaurants and taquerias. While it's wonderful to see th ...

Tragic Loss

Another fatal car crash rocks Texas A&M: Dead player tweeted about driving on no sleep

By Tyler Rudick

Aggies are mourning the loss of an Texas A&M football player and student, whose life was tragically cut short Monday night in a car crash in the New Mexico desert. Redshirt freshm ...

87 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 9
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (86)   Places (0)

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