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Road Reveille

New luxury bus service for Texas A&M football games creates buzz: No stops, TVs and Wi-Fi perks

By Tyler Rudick

A Dallas-based company aiming to reinvent city-to-city bus transit has its sights set on Aggieland . . . and business is booming. This season, Starline Travel Group is packing its bus ...

Shooting Shocker

College Station shooting victim struggles with lingering questions — and bullet fragments near her heart

By Tyler Rudick

One year after a violent College Station shootout took the lives of three individuals, a Houston mother severely injured in the crossfire is finally sharing her thoughts on that fateful afternoon. ...

pix of the day

Bizarre black smoke ring hovers over College Station: A baffling trouble?

By Tyler Rudick

Some Aggies are still scratching their heads over a bizarre black plume that appeared above College Station late last week. Witnesses say they heard a loud boom around 8:30 p.m. Thursday w ...

The Johnny Football Chronicles

Johnny Manziel is annoyed at the police — again: A most ridiculous reason to hate College Station

By Claire St. Amant

Poor Johnny Manziel. The 20-year-old football phenom can't even get a parking ticket without the whole world finding out. Of course, he's not exactly a silent victim in the media frenzy ...

Bushwhacker boogie

Now he's seen everything: Aggies introduce a flash mob to dumbfounded George H.W. Bush

By Whitney Radley

As a naval aviator and war hero, an oil man and as the leader of the most powerful country in the world, former President George H.W. Bush has seen a lot in his day. A flash mob, though, was not on ...

an inspiring leader

Tragic suicide hits Texas A&M: Popular professor jumps to his death from campus parking garage

By Tyler Rudick

Aggies are mourning the loss of a beloved Texas A&M University professor who apparently jumped to his death from a campus parking garage Tuesday morning. Dr. James Aune &mdas ...

Foodie News

Spiked milkshakes, loaded fries & burgers galore: Aggie-approved joint headed to CityCentre

By Sarah Rufca

For a city that's been ranked as having the best burgers in the America (and therefore the universe), there sure are a lot of new burger guys from other locales coming to take on the juicy Hous ...

Beyond the Boxscore

LSU breathes uneasy: Les Miles has a Kevin Sumlin problem as Texas A&M proves it's a future power

By Chris Baldwin

The Mad Hatter will never let on. Any self-respecting poker player knows that you never reveal a tell, never admit to any weakness. And few coaches gamble as well as LSU's eccentric, grass-eati ...

Ranking our brains

You won't believe the smartest cities in Texas: College Station No. 1, The Woodlands No. 2

By Whitney Radley

Texas' brainpower may not be centered where you expect. Among areas in Texas with a population between 50,000 and 99,999, the city of College Station ranks No. 1 for brain power — wit ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Best team in Texas hands down: Texas A&M serves notice to UT & Oklahoma in a Sunday night football party

By Chris Baldwin

You can admire the way Case Keenum throws the football as the University of Houston goes for an undefeated season against a schedule that's anything but BCS worthy. You can get a kick out of al ...

12 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (12)   Places (0)
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