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Mayor Food?

Houston food trucks are set free: Downtown dining to be forever changed — and foodies are pumped up

By Elizabeth Rhodes

The long-ridiculed and extremely restrictive regulations on food trucks in Houston have been revised in at least one major way. Until now, food trucks using propane in the Texas ...

At City Hall

Equal rights will have to wait: No HEROs emerge as city council delays vote amid church-led bathroom furor

By Elizabeth Rhodes

As a result of a rather contentious City Council meeting the vote on the hotly debated Houston Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) has been postponed until May 28.  The ordinance would "pro ...

Another Cyclist Killed

Another hit-and-run death has cyclists wondering if they're safe on Houston streets

By Tyler Rudick

Houston police are asking the public for information about an apparent hit-and-run that left a cyclist dead in Brays Bayou — potentially the third fatal bicycle-vehicle collision in less ...

Smart Politics

A boozy savior? Grocery store alcohol laws loosened up to fight food deserts

By Tyler Rudick

In an effort to bring healthy food to some of Houston's poorest neighborhoods, city council is looking to an unlikely aspect of the municipal code . . . alcohol regulation. Council members ...

Roadway safety

Safe passing ordinance goes into effect immediately: New rules to protect pedestrians, bicyclists

By Whitney Radley

Houston's streets are slated to become safer for all who use them: On Wednesday, city council unanimously approved a safe passing ordinance that requires drivers to keep a minimum of three ...

City Planning

Who needs zoning with Chapter 42? Revised rules aim to dictate Houston's growth

By Whitney Radley

At long last, changes to Chapter 42 — the city's land development ordinance — passed in Houston City Council on Wednesday.  The first real rewrite in 14 years, th ...

The saga has ended

Houston's much-debated new parking rules finally passed — and even Bobby Heugel's happy

By Whitney Radley

Houston City Council approved the Planning and Development Department's suggested changes to the off-street parking ordinance on Wednesday, and it seems to be one of those rare occasions where ...

2,000 square feet controversy

City planners not budging on new bar & restaurant parking rules: Is H-Town's national cred in danger?

By Whitney Radley

The wood-paneled chambers of Houston City Hall were filled with residents hoping to weigh in on two issues crucial to Houston's future at the Housing, Sustainable Growth and Development co ...

Verde Important

Election Day is here and Annise Parker's a lock, but what about the Hipstrict "pothole candidate"?

By Whitney Radley

Tuesday is the day you've been waiting for, or the day you almost forgot about, or the day you avoided by going to the polls early. It is Election Day for the Houston Mayor and City C ...

Day 21

Occupy Houston endures the mosquitos, no-clapping rules and a slow-flow water fountain

By Whitney Radley

At the urging of Houston City Council Member Jolanda Jones, Occupy Houston protestors have begun to actively participate in local politics by attending Houston City Council meetings. Occup ...

22 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (22)   Places (0)
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