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Best New Cars

Best New Cars of 2015: Texas auto writers pick top vehicles — with standout surprises in stormy weather

By Kevin McCauley

Stormy weather at Texas Motor Speedway couldn't deter the Texas Auto Writers Association from evaluating the best new cars of 2015. Here are their top picks. ...

A Horrific Collision

Families of car crash orphans sue Chrysler for safety flaws: Allege design faults made Berry kids accident worse

By Sarah Rufca

The accident in July 2011 was horrific — an SUV veered into the lane of the Berry family minivan near Fort Stockton, resulting in a front-end collision at highway speeds. The crash claimed th ...

Halftime in America

Make his day: Conservatives attack Republican icon Clint Eastwood for Chrysler Super Bowl ad

By Joe Leydon

Sunday night, I wondered how long it would take before some conservatives started complaining that Clint Eastwood's "Halftime in America" Super Bowl ad for Chrysler played too much li ...

Test Drive

The comeback kid: Chrysler experiences a renaissance with the 200 and 300

By Kevin McCauley

A few years ago, Chrysler's days seemed numbered. But with the help of the federal government and Fiat, the automaker has come roaring back. ...

Coming Attractions

Movie trailers dominate Super Bowl ads but the winner is Eminem

By Joe Leydon

In addition to selling fleets of trucks, oceans of beer and incalculable tons of potato chips, some of the most memorable Super Bowl ads promote motion pictures. But, as is the case with those spot ...

Car Junkies

The hits and misses of the Houston Auto Show: See it all without getting up

By Nic Phillips

Want an early look at the cars that will be making headlines tomorrow? CultureMap car junkies Nic Phillips and Kevin McCauley go under the hood of the Houston Auto Show, examining the hot cars, the ...

6 Results. Showing to
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