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Houston Arts Shocker

Houston arts shocker: Dominic Walsh is stepping away, leaving future of groundbreaking dance troupe in doubt

By Joel Luks

Critics have described the works of Dominic Walsh Dance Theater as dynamic, impressive, blissful and groundbreaking, but the Houston-based dance maker who lends his name to the contemporary troupe ...

The Review is In

Frenzied bodies: Daring and provocative dance takes over in Houston Ballet season opener

By Joseph Campana

What's in a name? "Four Premieres" may be an accurate title for Houston Ballet's season opener, which runs through Sept. 15 at Wortham Theater Center, but the p ...

From Oslo With Love

Former Houston Ballet dancer plots Return with world premiere in season opener

By Theodore Bale

Sometimes, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. These are the words of Garrett Smith, former Houston Ballet dancer who moved to Oslo last year to dance with Norwegian Nationa ...

Theater District Cheat Sheet

Art discounts: How to take advantage of Theater District Open House and save big bucks

By Joel Luks

For two decades, the Theater District Open House has created an alliance between the many moving parts that make Downtown Houston a destination for world-class productions. The family-friendly, ...

Best Left To History

It's time to demand more of the Houston Ballet than Stevenson's tired, limp Romeo and Juliet

By Theodore Bale

Houston Ballet opened the final production of its 2011-12 season Thursday night with what company press releases called a “lavish production” of Ben Stevenson’s Romeo and Juliet. ...

The Arthropologist

Houston dances its way to the big time: Four local companies take New York this week

By Nancy Wozny

I'm in my home state this week, New York. But I'm not alone. Houston Ballet and three Houston dance companies are here, too.  There's no getting it around it, New York City is ...

Through June 5

Houston Ballet raises the Barre for modern dance with devilish Elo world premiere

By Joseph Campana

A title is like a wager, or a gauntlet thrown down. When Houston Ballet announced a spring show called Raising the Barre, it promised wit, ambition, and virtuosity. Happily, opening night deli ...

The Arthropologist

No loss for words: Houston Ballet warriors explain the moves that make them move

By Nancy Wozny

In classical ballet most of the movements have names, just like an alphabet. In contemporary dance, the terrain gets trickier when it comes to putting words to the usual moves of such leading dance ...

Houston Ballet presents Raising the Barre Spring Mixed Repertory Program

Wortham Theater Center

Houston Ballet’s spring repertory program will feature a powerhouse of 21st century ballet, including a world premiere by Finnish choreographer Jorma Elo, an American premiere by Christopher

The Arthropologist

Ten performances that linger in my mind

By Nancy Wozny

Distilling a decade of art-watching into ten selections is not for the faint of decision-making. How best to select ten best in a sea of strong offerings? I let my memory be my sieve and asked ...

10 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (9)   Places (0)

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