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Classical Music Scandal

Longtime Houston Symphony conductor heckled and booed for lame Mozart: No love for Eschenbach

By Joel Luks

For loyal classical music patrons in the Bayou City, longtime Houston Symphony maestro Christoph Eschenbach is something of a revered celeb whose mere walking on stage elicits standing ovations eve ...

Music Star in Houston

Music superstar already building buzz for Houston Symphony's unconventional opening concert

By Joel Luks

Even back in the mid 1990s, students at the Eastman School of Music spoke of alum Renée Fleming with the same fervor kids these days talk about Beyoncé. The lyric soprano was som ...

A Gold Star for Hans

The most exclusive Walk of Fame ever? Houston music legend just the second honoree ever

By Joel Luks

As the role of music director at professional symphony orchestras has evolved to become not just the artistic voice but the father figure of these large ensembles, Hans Graf's 12-year tenure wi ...

Looking good for a century

Houston Symphony reveals a starry 100th anniversary lineup: The big names coming are . . .

By Joel Luks

The Houston Symphony is looking mighty fresh in the eve of its centennial anniversary. A new, artsy logo alongside a robust guest list of musicians and conductors ushers a year-long musical fê ...

The Review is In

An explosive violinist fizzles: Dan Zhu struggles to live up to the hype for Texas Music Festival finale

By Joel Luks

Violinist Dan Zhu was the talk of the town in classical music circles these past couple of weeks and his solo appearance at Texas Music Festival's final hurrah promised a bombastic concert no o ...

The Review Is In

Eschenbach mania is back: A standing ovation & five curtain calls in Houston Symphony night

By Joel Luks

In anticipation of Christoph Eschenbach's first downbeat, there was an air of feverish excitement I haven't felt before at Jones Hall, evident by the confabulation in the long lines fo ...

Mahler Symphony No. 5

One night stand: Christoph Eschenbach rekindles love affair with Houston Symphony

By Joel Luks

Watching Christoph Eschenbach conduct is akin to understanding classical music's intent, intensity and importance. There's undoubtedly a rhyme and reason to each of his gestures and musical ...

Houston Symphony presents "Christoph Eschenbach Returns"

Jones Hall

Former music director Christoph Eschenbach returns to the Jones Hall stage to lead the Houston Symphony in Mahler’s monumental Symphony No. 5. The work begins with a somber and throbbing fune

With Eschenbach and Houston Symphony Wednesday night

Reckless and controlled, Versace-wearing Lang Lang shakes up the classical music scene

By Theodore Bale

In a classical music scene where artists must increasingly distinguish themselves by means other than artistry, Lang Lang isn’t having any problems. Last year, Lang became a household nam ...

Eschenbach and Lang Lang at Jones Hall

Jones Hall

The famed conductor Christoph Eschenbach and pianist Lang Lang join forces for an evening at Jones Hall. Among other pieces, they will perform Beethoven's Symphony No. 7 and Prokoflev's Sym

10 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (2)   Lists (0)   News (8)   Places (0)

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