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New Montose Bar Surprises

Another Montrose bar? Surprising duo thinks they have the recipe for success

By Eric Sandler

Keeping the development of a new bar under the radar can be tricky; after all, people in the restaurant industry love to gossip about who's opening, who's closing and what's next. Yet, ...

Voodoo Queen Casts Spell

Tiki Vegas with a New Orleans twist: Voodoo Queen casts an enticing spell over H-Town

By Eric Sandler

In the shadow of east Houston's massive coffee plant sits Voodoo Queen, a new bar from the guys behind Moon Tower Inn. Where Moon Tower is known for craft beer and creative applications of meat ...

Worth the wait

The new Moon Tower Inn is even better: Its craft beer power now competes with the city's best

By Tyler Rudick

CultureMap cruised by Moon Tower Inn for an after-work hot dog this week, braving the chilly January air alongside scores of devotees enjoying the return of everybody's favorite ...

The Elk Dog cometh

With new building approved, Moon Tower Inn is set to reopen — and this time it's for real

By Tyler Rudick

Moon Tower Inn announced on Facebook that its new shipping-container building officially passed muster with the City of Houston — leaving owners Evan Shannon and Brandon Young just a hea ...

An Inn-pire

Moon Tower Inn's resurrection expands: Set to open new lounge and pizza joint too

By Sarah Rufca

Remember when we said Moon Tower Inn was opening a separate lounge inside the revamped space? That wasn't exactly accurate, but the real deal is even better. In addition to reopening the or ...

5 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (5)   Places (0)
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