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Boozy News

Banned brewery gets to come home to Houston: Changes in beer laws trigger a brash craft revolution

By Eric Sandler

The Petrol Station owner Ben Fullelove will bring Brash Brewing Company to Houston this year. He's secured a 13,000 square-foot warehouse, a 30 barrel brewhouse and canning equipment to la ...

Sudsy Sounds

Houston beer gets its own radio show: And yes, drinking on air is encouraged

By Darla Guillen

If there’s anything Houstonians like as much as eating and drinking, it’s talking about eating and drinking. Now there’s a show focused on just that. “We sit around and ...


Get ready for a new beer food truck: Petrol Station's former guru puts his love on wheels

By Darla Guillen

It was the news heard 'round the local craft beer community when Troy Witherspoon left The Petrol Station on a mission to sate locals’ appetites with off-kilter menu items made to pair pe ...


The ultimate guide to Houston Beer Week: The best of what's on tap at eight-day beerfest

By Darla Guillen

“Houston Beer Week is like Christmas, if Christmas lasted seven days and tasted like beer,” Hay Merchant co-owner Kevin Floyd says about the beer holiday that’s about to hit Houst ...

Friendly Fire

Beer wars: Petrol Station mocks Hay Merchant with a crafty insult, but no suds are shed

By Whitney Radley

The Petrol Station released a new growler logo earlier this week that's an outright imitation of the one employed by Hay Merchant, Bobby Heugel and Kevin Floyd's Montros ...

A Judge's Life

Cooking with Saint Arnold beer: One Pot Showdown brings out Heisman Pie & Mudder Fudders

By Caroline Gallay

The weather couldn't have been more welcoming to the sold-out crowd of 500 samplers and chefs who turned out Sunday for Saint Arnold's 2012 One Pot Showdown. Forty seven teams began coo ...

Foodie News

More than pints: The best beer dinners for foodies during Houston Beer Week

By Sarah Rufca

Beer dinners: So trendy and ubiquitous that hipsters are totally over them. But we aren't. Houston Beer Week has put together some amazing brewers and a few of Houston's best chefs to creat ...

Understanding or misunderstanding?

After "Happy September 11" dustup, Petrol Station owner receives tolerance award

By Whitney Radley

For one organization, Petrol Station owner Ben Fullelove serves as a bastion of understanding. TAP America is a non-profit dedicated to promoting tolerance, patriotism and exercise in America. ...

Shouldn't you just know better?

All Petrol Station employees to get sensitivity training in the wake of "Happy 9/11" drawing

By Whitney Radley

By now you've probably heard all the fuss about the crude 9/11 "joke" at craft-beer haven Petrol Station on Sunday. If not, a quick fill in: A bartender scribbled an offensive doo ...

9 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (9)   Places (0)
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