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Best Movies of 2014

Best movies of 2014: Performances by Chris Rock and casts of Birdman, Boyhood and Whiplash stand out

By Alex Bentley

Although it wasn't a standout year for movies collectively, 2014 will be remembered for individual performances. These are the 10 best films I saw in 2014. ...

The Review Is In

Gone Girl exposes Ben Affleck's animosity, modern marriage and Nancy Grace in wicked style

By Alex Bentley

The central mystery in Gone Girl, the new film based on the best-seller written by Gillian Flynn, is one that fits right in with today’s media-saturated culture. Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) retu ...

Awards Season

Houston film critics honor Argo, Bernie, Daniel Day-Lewis and Jennifer Lawrence as year's best

By Joe Leydon

Two fact-based films — Argo, Ben Affleck’s acclaimed drama about an audacious plan to escape from Iran, and Bernie, Richard Linklater’s cheeky dramedy about crime and punishm ...

Mondo Cinema

Django Unchained, Argo and Bernie lead parade of 2012's most memorable movies

By Joe Leydon

To begin, as I do every year, with my standard disclaimer: This may be my list of the Top 10 Movies of 2012 – but it’s not necessary a rundown of the year’s 10 Best Movies. B ...

Just add Popcorn

Ben Affleck solidifies reputation as "must-see" director in Oscar-worthy Argo

By Alex Bentley

It’s an old Hollywood truism that all actors want to be directors. Plenty of them have given it a shot, but relatively few have had what it takes to produce truly memorable films. You wou ...

Movies Are My Life

Let the Oscar race begin! 10 must-see fall movies that are sure to be in the hunt for an Academy Award

By Joe Leydon

Movie buffs don’t need to check their calendars to know what season this is. All they have to do is note the steady drumbeat of advance hype and must-see buzz emanating from the Telluride, Ve ...

Nerd Talk

When Earth's Mightiest Heroes collide: Justice League and Avengers sequel among many superhero projects planned

By Michael Graupmann

A number of big news items dropped recenctly regarding the futures of our favorite flying, punching and kicking friends on the big screen. The two major comic book houses, DC and Marvel, announced ...

Name that baby

Donald Duck Affleck? How celebrities (like Jennifer Garner) come up with the strangest baby names

By Whitney Radley

Jennifer Garner is pregnant (like, really big pregnant, despite a delivery date still several months off), and the sass and sense of humor accompanying her gestation suit her quite well.  ...

Ben Affleck and an Oprah moment

Cindy McCain and Lisa Niemi Swayze shatter stereotypes at Texas Conference for Women

By Sarah Rufca

The 5,000 women who gathered in the George R. Brown Convention Center for the 12th Annual Texas Conference for Women might have come from different backgrounds but they were united in wanting to ma ...

At the Arthouse

The Company Men is bankrupt of new ideas

By David Theis

If you’re one of those who grouse that Hollywood doesn’t make films about real, recognizable American life anymore, you’ll likely be tempted by The Company Men. It’s one of ...

12 Results. Showing to
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