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J.J. Watt Reborn

Snubbed J.J. Watt's hilarious surf sack reaches to the Super Bowl: Bill O'Brien and Texans future impacted

By Chris Baldwin

The NFL's Pro Bowl is often forgotten before it's even over. For good reason. J.J. Watt's hilarious — and original — surfing sack celebration isn't going to change t ...

Kubiak Collapses

Gary Kubiak taken from field on stretcher, rushed to hospital: Wade Phillips now coach

By Chris Baldwin

The joy of a Case Keenum powered 21-3 halftime lead over the Indianapolis Colts turned to despair quickly — with Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak taken off the field on a stretcher. Kubia ...

Keenum & Lin Parallels

Case Keenum elevated as Jeremy Lin wrongly deflated: McHale fails Coaching 101; Kubiak stands strong

By Chris Baldwin

Gary Kubiak walks into the interview room and matter-of-factly tells the world he's making the obvious, right call. The fact that so many people seem surprised by it in this town shows how ...

Keenum Prepared To Start

Case Keenum to be prepared to start in Kansas City: Former UH legend in play — with Yates

By Chris Baldwin

Case Keenum is suddenly very much in play as the Houston Texans' potential starting quarterback. Texans coach Gary Kubiak indicated moments ago in his weekly day-after-the-game news co ...

No Case Keenum, No Creativity

No Case Keenum, no creativity: Matt Schaub decision shows what Gary Kubiak, Texans forever lack

By Chris Baldwin

For the first time one senses that even Gary Kubiak knows that Matt Schaub is no slam dunk. Though the Houston Texans coach ends up making the safe move, the loyal move, the Kubiak move, ...

Free Case Keenum

Free Case Keenum makes sense, if not cents: Stubbornly sticking with Schaub killing Kubiak, Texans season

By Chris Baldwin

It starts as one of those silly Twitter hashtags, pushed by a fan base looking for anything to grab onto amidst the misery. As the score spirals in San Francisco, as Matt Schaub finds new and ...

One Prime Time Player

Arian Foster gleefully trash talks the 49ers, but his fight is Schaub destroyed

By Chris Baldwin

At least one Houston Texan brought his fight to San Francisco. Tailback Arian Foster barked at the San Francisco 49ers defensive players throughout the first half. The NBC cameras captured Fost ...

Oops! My Bad

The Matt Schaub misery gets historic — and unbelievable: Yes, he does it again, and then some

By Chris Baldwin

It seemed almost unfathomable. There is no way Matt Schaub could do it again. Right? Right?! After all, it's never been done before in modern-day NFL history. Only, Schaub didn't ju ...

Connor Barwin 2.0

A better Connor Barwin: Wade Phillips unleashes a new terror on the NFL — as part of Rick Smith's grand plan

By Chris Baldwin

Whitney Mercilus walks through the Houston Texans locker room in all Nike black — hat, shirt, shorts, shoes. This is right after the sucker punch of an overtime loss to the Seattle Seahawks, ...

Ben Tate To Cleveland?

Ben Tate headed to Cleveland? Arian Foster needs to be more the Texans worry

By Chris Baldwin

Arian Foster was on his way to having one of his typical big games against the Baltimore Ravens. And then, he wasn't. Foster looked like vintage Foster (which isn't exactly a dated, anc ...

44 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 5
Refine By:   Events (1)   Lists (0)   News (43)   Places (0)

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