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Houston's Best Brunch Spots

Houston's Best Brunch spots: Top restaurants make breakfast and lunch a gourmet party

By Marene Gustin

Before moving to Houston, I'd probably been to a nail salon and valet parked but they certainly weren’t regular things. But they are now. As is Sunday brunch. But brunch wasn’t ...

New Seafood Restaurant

New seafood restaurant brings major buzz: One of Houston's best chefs is all aboard

By Eric Sandler

According to co-owner Tracy Vaught, Caracol, the seafood restaurant she and her husband chef Hugo Ortega will open soon in the BBVA Compass Plaza next to Osteria Mazzantini, has been on their minds ...

The Best Restaurant Patios

Houston's best restaurant patios: 10 cool places that make outdoor dining special

By Eric Sandler

As expected, the fall's first chill sent Houstonians flocking onto restaurant patios across the city. After hiding in the air conditioning for the last five or so months, it's nice to be ab ...

CultureMap Video

A Houston restaurant love story: Unlikely busboy romance builds an icon — 30 years and counting

By Eric Sandler

Thirty years ago, the energy industry lost a geologist, but Houston gained an iconic restaurant. That's when Tracy Vaught decided to open Backstreet Cafe. "Traveling to remote well sit ...

CultureMap Video

Inventive cocktails liven up Houston Restaurant Weeks menu at Backstreet Cafe

By Marcy de Luna

Houston Restaurant Weeks isn't only about getting a great deal on good eats. Some restaurants, like Backstreet Café, are enticing foodies with wine, beer and cocktail pair ...

Top Chef Hurt In Accident

One of Houston's top chefs hurt in a serious bike accident: Fans of his cooking offer support

By Julia Davila

The culinary genius behind Hugo's and Backstreet Cafe took a serious spill while riding his bike at Terry Hershey Park. Chef Hugo Ortega broke two ribs and his clavicle (col ...

Pix of the Day

Houston chefs on the way to James Beard Awards impress foodies in D.C. with signature dishes

By Whitney Radley

Chefs Chris Shepherd of Underbelly and Hugo Ortega of Backstreet Cafe and his namesake restaurant, Hugo's, have been crucial in Houston's recent emergence as a foodie destination, ...

5 Top Breakfast Spots

The best French toast in Houston — don't get stuck with a wimpy breakfast

By Tyler Rudick

By no means, is French toast a complicated recipe — just eggs, milk and day-old bread. But, as a self-professed addict of the American breakfast classic, I'll tell you that there ...

Foodie News

Where to eat right now: 10 cool, must-try restaurants for March

By Ruthie Miller

March is here! Need a lunch or dinner recommendation? Here’s where you should eat right now in Houston.  Hollister on Washington Hollister Grill has a second location, this one on ...

Food for Thought

A tale of two Mondays: Meat or meatless? The choice is yours

By Marene Gustin

Meatless Monday is a concept promoted by the nonprofit The Monday Campaigns in association with the Johns Hopkins’ Bloomberg School of Public Health. It’s a really good idea but I ...

21 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (3)   Lists (0)   News (17)   Places (1)

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