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Catch a wave

Surf's up! Houston reality star returns with a new Mark Cuban-approved workout

By Tyler Rudick

Reality TV bad boy Kalon McMahon has returned to his native Houston after more than a year of living in Manhattan Beach near Los Angeles — and he's brought a piece of the West C ...

Erica Rose, author?

Reality TV princess Erica Rose is writing a book, vowing to shed her mean girl ways

By Whitney Radley

We've seen neither hide nor hair of Erica Rose in months, but don't think that means Houston's favorite reality star has been idle. In fact, far from it. Rose tells CultureMap ...

Virgin Beauty Stands Strong

Houston's own virgin beauty contestant is determined to bring morals to reality TV

By Tyler Rudick

Angela Zatopek — the most recent addition to Houston's ever-growing pool of reality TV stars — has been a force to be reckoned with on NBC's Ready for Love. The h ...

Hometown Girls

Move over, Erica Rose: New Houston hotties dazzle on The Bachelor, back flips and all

By Tyler Rudick

The Bachelor roared back to the small screen this week with not one, but two Houstonians — both of whom survived the first elimination round to continue their quest for lo ...

"I'm Good"

Kalon McMahon accused of cheating on Lindzi Cox on national TV: Erica Rose hits back at her foe

By Tyler Rudick

Even amidst an on-air marriage proposal and an unforgettable win by quiet man Nick Peterson, Houston reality celebs Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon and Erica Rose still managed to dominate the closi ...

Exit Interview

With Dr. Phil in his future & Bachelor Pad in the past, Kalon McMahon swears his love for Lindzi is no ruse

By Tyler Rudick

After a rather touching Bachelor Pad departure and ongoing romance with co-star Lindzi Cox, Houston reality bad boy Kalon McMahon appears to have shed the villainous reputation he earned ...

Spelling It Out

Kalon McMahon gets gushy for Lindzi after F-bomb rant, swears love makes him true Bachelor Pad winner

By Tyler Rudick

Houston lost its final Bachelor Pad contestant Monday night, as Kalon Joseph Reid McMahon joined girlfriend Lindzi Cox on that painful limo ride away from the Bachelor châ ...

and then there was one (houstonian)

Erica Rose exits Bachelor Pad in season's most dramatic moment while Kalon finds true love

By Tyler Rudick

Houston reality legend Erica Rose landed herself in the limo of shame on Monday night's Bachelor Pad 3 (BP3), after getting tangled up in Michael Stagliano's clever web of de ...

The Bachelor Guest Quarters

Bachelorette star comes to Houston for high-profile breast work, stays with the Roses

By Tyler Rudick

Trista Sutter made television history in 2003 as the inaugural star of ABC's beloved dating competition The Bachelorette. And after nearly a decade of happy marriage to suitor Ryan Su ...

Bachelor Pad Truths

Kalon McMahon gets into foot fetishes and threesomes as he tweaks a hair-chomping Erica Rose

By Tyler Rudick

For the second episode in a row, The Bachelor Pad 3 (aka, BP3​) appeared completely intent on destroying our innocent memories of the beloved family game show Double Dare. ...

26 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (26)   Places (0)
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