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Real Urban Animals

Urban animals: Wily coyotes spotted in neighborhoods around Memorial Park

By Elizabeth Rhodes

A number of coyote sightings have been reported in neighborhoods near Memorial Park in the past week, raising concerns for area residents. According to several eyewitness accounts, a coyot ...

New Pet Adoption Center

Lots to BARC about: New pet adoption center aims to save animals' lives

By Nicole Appleby

The city of Houston's animal shelter and adoption program has received its share of criticism. But now, it's BARC-ing back. Mayor Annise Parker and several Houston City C ...

Dead Dogs Controversy

Art for dead dogs? $86,000 BARC beautification project creates a furor as art is funded amid shelter's killing

By Joel Luks

A proposed Houston Arts Alliance civic art project designed to beautify BARC Adoption and Animal Shelter's future building has some people hissing, questioning whether the use funds is appropri ...

Pet Serial Killer On Loose

Fears of a pet serial killer shake Montrose: Mutilated cat and missing animals leave plenty of questions

By Tyler Rudick

A rash of missing cats has Montrose pet owners fearing the worst amidst rumors of hungry coyotes and a possible serial animal killer. (Warning: Gruesome details ahead.) On Saturday, residents n ...

Party Watch

New group that saves pets from death row gains momentum — and Houston love

By Jodie Eisenhardt

What: Launch Party for Rescued Pets Movement. Where: Ibiza. The 411:  A new charity organization founded by Cindy Perini, Dana Blankenship, Laura Carlock, Cheryl Felps and Ti ...

Carl Lewis, Bad Neighbor?

Olympic legend Carl Lewis clashes with his Houston neighbors over his killer dogs

By Tyler Rudick

Despite his 10 Olympic medals, a U.N. ambassadorship and his pro bono coaching work for the University of Houston, track star Carl Lewis won't be winning the "neighbor of the year&quo ...

Rescued Pets Movement

Saving dogs from death row: New movement sends pets out of Texas for a new chance at life

By Jodie Eisenhardt

An estimated 1.2 to 1.4 million homeless dogs and cats roam Houston’s streets, according to The Bureau of Animal Regulation and Care (BARC), our city's shelter. BARC takes in approximatel ...

Horrific Dog Attack

Vicious stray dog attack victim's condition upgraded: Traps still set up to catch more on the loose dogs

By Tyler Rudick

Maria Arcos remains in a Houston hospital Thursday, after surviving an attack by more than 15 stray dogs in the Fifth Ward. The 52-year-old area resident walking to a bus stop at 6 a. ...

mail carriers, beware

Off the chain: Texas ranks third in the nation for dog bites

By Tyler Rudick

Turns out the Texas may not be the best state for mail carriers — and not just because of the searing summer heat. According to recent data compiled by insurance giant State Far ...

Friends of BARC's "Sixth Annual Mutts, Meows & Margaritas"

This sixth annual gala raises funds to support animals at BARC, the City of Houston animal shelter. Each year, more and more supporters join the party for great company, food, auction surprises and

23 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 3
Refine By:   Events (5)   Lists (0)   News (18)   Places (0)
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