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iPad Is iYawn

New iPads are iYawns: Apple's lost its innovative spirit — for the love of Jobs, what's going on?

By Joel Luks

We like things that come in threes. Whether it's the Holy Trinity, a plate of sliders or a trio of marketing words with a percussive twang that attempts to add thrill — and value &mda ...

Apple Fans Robbed In Line

No app for that: Apple fans robbed at gunpoint while camping out for new iPhone

By Tyler Rudick

A common scene in 21st-century life turned violent early Friday morning when armed bandits robbed Apple fans waiting for the new iPhone. Jodi Silva with the Houston Police Department tells Cult ...

New iPhone Letdown

Apple's new iPhone announcement is a giant letdown — unless you're fanboy Al Gore

By Joel Luks

Go ahead, Apple, make my day. The media invitation to Tuesday's press conference, in which the techie magnate was expected to announce two new iPhone models, promised to "brighten ...

Apple Store's Secret Room

The Apple Store's secret bathroom: You need an escort to go potty in tech giant's glassy realm

By Clifford Pugh

I have mixed feelings about Apple stores. The architecture is stunning — case in point: the glass-enclosed Highland Village store that is modeled after one in New York's Upper West Si ...

Technology Animal

Google Glass makes a surprise Houston debut and it's a zoo

By Allegra Fradkin

If you've been dying to see an alligator eat a rat or a red-billed blue magpie chick poop, all up-close-and-personal, you're in luck. Thanks to Google Glass, you can now virtually experienc ...

Hometown Glory

Houston dominates national best places to work list: One local spot ranks above Google

By Whitney Radley

It has become common knowledge that Houston is the place to find a job, but a recent ranking by employer-stalking site proves that this is also the place to find a job that you actual ...

Several dozen at Highland Village

Have Apple diehards gotten wiser? iPhone 5 draws fewer overnight crowds

By Whitney Radley

While it wasn't exactly on-par with the frenzy that accompanied the iPad release in March, a few dozen Apple aficionados camped out on the sidewalk outside of the Highland Village store for Fri ...

Live from Yerba Buena

Secrets of the new iPhone 5: Is Apple's latest hype machine really a must have?

By Tyler Rudick

After months of rumors and photo leaks from Chinese factories, the new iPhone 5 has made its formal public debut. Live from San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple ...

Links we love today

Advice from Will Arnett, make your own Han Solo, Wilco's Folk Fest set and more

By Samantha Pitchel

Here are the links we loved today: Missed the Olympic opening ceremonies? Buzzfeed rounds up the 25 most ridiculous moments.  Common English phrases you'll only hear in India.  ...

Technologically bi

Confessions of an Apple addict: I'm glad Microsoft's Surface is here (but I won't buy it)

By Joel Luks

It was roughly six years ago that on a whim I splurged on my first MacBook Pro. An unexpected pay bonus, a couple of lunch margaritas and the urge to shop couldn't stop this moving train from s ...

80 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 8
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (79)   Places (1)

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