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Foodie News

Buzzed-over restaurant/grocery store opens in historic Heights spot — with rooftop dining power

By Eric Sandler

After almost a year of construction, the Heights General Store will open for its first dinner service Thursday night. Located next to the recently opened Torchy's Tacos on 19th street, the rest ...

New Heights Chef

New Heights grocery store and restaurant lands a big name chef, sets up an alcohol "club"

By Eric Sandler

Last month, CultureMap reported the progress of The Heights General Store as it heads towards an October opening. Now the restaurant's owner Alli Jarrett has revealed that Antoin ...

Food for Thought

New restaurant bets that two chefs are better than one, banks on Houston's best crab cakes

By Marene Gustin

If you owned a restaurant, what would you eat there? For Matt Brice, the new owner of Federal American Grill, in the old Branch Water Tavern spot on Shepherd, it’s easy. “The cr ...

Anniversary Party!

Hay Merchant, a year later: Game changing craft beer bar dips into its special beer cellar to celebrate

By Darla Guillen

Although it might seem like Hay Merchant has been a Houston institution for decades, the widely acclaimed craft beer bar is actually celebrating its first anniversary this week. The well-regard ...

The Watching League

Football among beer nerds: Does Hay Merchant have sports bar cred?

By Amy Chien

Hay Merchant is kind of my dream bar: craft beers: check; inventive food menu, check; big screens for the game, check! So why am I not there every Sunday? The Crowd The crowd here is your t ...

Drink for a cause

Top chefs compete to raise money for Houston's new charity bar: Special menus and trash talk

By Darla Guillen

Guys turning virtually any situation into a competition is nothing new, but when the trash talk involves an impressive lineup of Houston gourmands cooking for charity, it’s downright exciting ...

With Shmaltz

Hay Merchant's first-ever beer dinner throws caution and decorum out the window

By Caroline Gallay

"Don't pass out, passover." Such is the motto of Shmaltz Brewing, a now 16-year-old label based in San Francisco and, possibly more notably, Hay Merchant's brewer of choice for it ...

Foodie News

Where to eat right now: 10 must-try restaurants for May

By Ruthie Miller

2012 has been a money year for Houston restaurants thus far, with so many fantastic openings that it’s often hard to keep up. Need a lunch or dinner recommendation? Here are 10 hot, new p ...

Foodie News

Where to eat right now: 10 must-try restaurants for March

By Ruthie Miller

Spring is springing, and Houston’s restaurant scene is jumpin’. So get out there and try some of the fantastic new spots. Here are 10 hot places to get you started . . . Some are ne ...

Foodie News

Waffle burgers and an Underbelly preview: Guest chefs take over The Modular

By Sarah Rufca

When celebrities want to stay relevant to show off their lesser known talents, they guest star on 30 Rock. When Houston's best chefs want to mix it up, they do a stint at The Modular. The m ...

13 Results. Showing to
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Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (13)   Places (0)
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