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J.J. Watt Mocked By Steelers

J.J. Watt mocked by Pittsburgh Steelers fans after loss: It's jeers and beer showers with Texans season in doubt

By Chris Baldwin

PITTSBURGH —As J.J. Watt trudges off the field, another lost night shadowing him all the way, a section of Pittsburgh Steelers fans is waiting for him. They lean over the end zone railing to ...

Texans Meltdown

Monday Night Meltdown: Arian Foster's dominance erased in an unbelievable nightmare, Steelers spree

By Chris Baldwin

PITTSBURGH — It's gone in a flash, disappearing in a way more diabolical than even what the wife in Gone Girl pulled off. The Houston Texans and Arian Foster are dominating on Monday ...

Andrew Luck's Not Watt Free

MVP pretender Andrew Luck still needs to worry over Texans: Andre Johnson's nightmare not about O'Brien

By Chris Baldwin

Andre Johnson is almost always the last guy in the locker room. The peerless wide receiver (unless the peer group includes Jerry Rice) takes time to take care of his body after every brutal NFL war ...

Andre Johnson Spanked

Andre Johnson spanked in butt by overexcited female fan: Which is still better than the Colts treated the Texans

By Chris Baldwin

With as infrequently as the Houston Texans throw Andre Johnson the ball in the end zone, you never know when you're going to see a touchdown catch from the Greatest Texan Ever. So maybe a b ...

No. 1 Pick Not About Case

Forget Case Keenum & Teddy Bridgewater: Hapless Texans show they desperately need Jadeveon Clowney

By Chris Baldwin

The red welt on Case Keenum's forehead speaks to his afternoon as a human pinata. The Houston Texans get their young quarterback beaten up — and Keenum suddenly cannot move the ...

For Intros

Case Keenum pulls off the greatest TV player introduction ever

By Chris Baldwin

GLENDALE, Ariz. — Case Keenum is a little hipper than you think. The Houston Texans football nerd sees farther beyond the game — and the film room — than one might expect. Wan ...

Captain Comeback

Reggie Wayne challenges the Colts — and Andrew Luck responds by going legend

By MoiseKapenda Bower

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck chose his words judiciously, exercising great caution to show the proper respect for an absent and venerated veteran while simultaneously acknowledging th ...

Keenum Better Than Luck

No reason Case Keenum can't be better than Andrew Luck: Season's lost in Kubiak collapse, hope's not

By Chris Baldwin

Andre Johnson sits on a trainer's table, getting an IV after the most brilliant first half of his Hall of Fame career. Johnson needs replenishing after seven catches for 190 yards and three tou ...

Deep Ball Fever

Case Keenum turns Andre Johnson into a touchdown machine: What a difference a QB makes

By Chris Baldwin

By the third time, Case Keenum just throws it up, knowing full well that Andre Johnson will make the damn play. There's not much separation between Johnson and Indianapolis Colts cornerback Von ...

Andrew Luck Overrated

Is Andrew Luck overrated? His feeble stats scream yes, but there's a Sunday Night catch

By MoiseKapenda Bower

This is the part of the discussion where identifying the sublimeness of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck becomes a strained exercise. A quick perusal of traditional statistics reveals ...

32 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (32)   Places (0)

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