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Calendar Closeup

Your weekly guide to Houston: Five (plus) don't-miss events — a $1.55 brunch throwdown included

By Joel Luks

On the agenda this week is a witty play about a tragic queen, a family gathering in Houston's favorite urban waterway, wine in a beautiful fall backdrop, a program about the inextinguishable im ...

The Review is In

Disappointment morphs into French fun at raucous River Oaks Chamber Orchestra finale

By Joel Luks

Resist the urge to self indulge. I wish I could remember who made me write those words on the first page of my sheet music to Claude Debussy's Girl with the Flaxen Hair, a reminder that sim ...

Fringe benefits

A reason to party: Chamber orchestra gets jazzy with unbridled spirit of Mardi Gras

By Joel Luks

It was a concert for the history books, a performance that River Oaks Chamber Orchestra associate artistic director Suzanne LeFevre would file away as one of the best she had ever attended. Yet it ...

Major Music

A standing ovation and a $500-a-plate dinner at a swanky River Oaks club? Yes, ROCO can do it all

By Joel Luks

Leave it to the River Oaks Chamber Orchestra, better know as ROCO (rhymes with loco) to the cool kids, to trigger a thundering standing ovation after a sold-out concert of music that its audience h ...

Loco for ROCO

Chamber orchestra celebrates Asia with innovative concerts and world premieres

By Joel Luks

The bulk of the repertoire performed by symphony orchestras comprises scores written by bigwigs of the 18th and 19th century plus a handful of 20th century composers. Large classical ensembles &mda ...

Wham, bam — thank you ma'am

A big bang season finale: River Oaks Chamber Orchestra delivers a concert with plenty of 'tude

By Joel Luks

Clunk! Bonk! Kapow! Thwach! Vronk! Zap! Wham, bam — thank you ma'am. With the exception of the "thank you" part, one would think that these onomatopoeic words come straight ...

Big Bang Theory

A musical box of chocolates: Big Bang concert from River Oaks Chamber Orchestra aims to be a journey

By Joel Luks

Here's a sure way to confuse anyone: Tell them you are a percussionist. It isn't like mastering the violin, piano or some obscure cousin of the oboe in which a musician focuses on one p ...

Step into the Listening Room

River Oaks Chamber Orchestra puts music in your pocket: New mobile approach captures fans

By Joel Luks

There's no mistaking when Alecia Lawyer zooms around your part of town. Her mommy SUV is branded with license plates that announce the whereabouts of the fierce leader of the River Oaks Chamber ...

Twists and turns

Musical exhibitionism & happy feet: Virtuoso stunts titillate ROCO audiences with organ action

By Joel Luks

It's a rare occasion when a musician's feet are the subject of so much chatter, discussion and admiration. When organ doyen Paul Jacobs approached the Létourneau Pipe monster &md ...

Musical rebels

Pipes and pedals: River Oaks Chamber Orchestra's melange is worthy of daredevil rock stars

By Joel Luks

If Paul Jacobs were an Olympic athlete, he would be akin to Michael Phelps. If he were an adventure explorer, his standing would equal Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay, the duo who first reach ...

31 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 4
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (31)   Places (0)
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