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Remember the Alamo

Remember the Alamo! Revered landmark earns huge international honor — and first for Texas

By Shelley Seale

For the first time, Texas is home to an official World Heritage Site. On July 5, the San Antonio Missions — including the Alamo — were declared part of the elite UNESCO World Heritage S ...

Hometown Glory

Houston zooms up national top travel destinations list, flirts with Top 10 as Dallas is completely shut out

By Arden Ward

Just in time for summer vacation planning, TripAdvisor has put out a list of the Top 25 U.S. travel spots for 2014, as determined by travelers. Among the usual suspects such as New York, Chicago an ...

Live In The Alamo

Live in the Alamo? This $1.35 million Texas house is a replica of the historic fort

By Elizabeth Rhodes

History buffs now have the unusual chance to live in The Alamo — a replica, that is — for the price of $1.35 million. The original fort in San Antonio receives more than 2.5 million ...

Astrodome Debate

Remember the Alamo and the Astrodome: It's insanity to tear down Houston's iconic landmark

By Mike Vance

As a second generation Houstonian and avid sports fan who is roughly the same age as Major League Baseball and pro football in this city, I am thrilled that my hometown will be hosting the Super Bo ...

A Fake In Its Place?

A priceless theft at the Alamo? Mystery swirls around Texas Declaration of Independence

By Tyler Rudick

Not since Pee-wee Herman asked to see the basement at the Alamo have workers at the Texas landmark witnessed this much confusion. The San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) is investigating a pos ...

Say What?

Houston dubbed one of America's dirtiest cities: National mag urges visitors to stay inside on trips here

By Whitney Radley

Bad news, guys. We're basically living in a dump.  Houston ranks 10th on Travel + Leisure's list of America's Dirtiest Cities, part of the magazine's annual America's F ...

take a look at him now

With his music limited by an injury, Phil Collins follows his love of history deep into the Alamo

By Tyler Rudick

Throughout his decades-long career as one of the most successful musicians in rock history, legend Phil Collins has maintained a little-known passion . . . for the Alamo. That's right, the ...


Reality TV is obsessed with making fun of Texas: Everything from Top Chef to Big Rich Texas draws groans

By Joseph Campana, Theodore Bale

The eyes of Texas may be upon you, but right now all eyes are on Texas. So it seems in the vast world of reality television. Here at Aftershocks, we couldn’t help but notice that producer ...

8 Results. Showing to
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