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Can Of Cute

A Houston Texans cheerleader spills her secrets: From Pro Bowl bonding to nicknames to cut tears

By Jayme Lamm

I'll be the first to admit it: The Pro Bowl is not something I work my schedule around, nor my DVR. Sure, I loved seeing my guys (especially my Virginia boy Duane Brown) get voted in for a ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Worst Pro Bowl performance ever? Matt Schaub horrendous, Texans must hope there is no carryover

By Chris Baldwin

The only person who had a poorer Pro Bowl performance than Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub is sideline "reporter" Doug Flutie. At least Flutie can use the excuse ...

Beyond the Boxscore

Grown man rant hits the Texans: Doubt reigns as Peyton Manning dismisses them to Bengals rematch

By Chris Baldwin

INDIANAPOLIS — Danieal Manning does not want to hear any speeches. He's sick of motivational ploys and tired of all the voices offering solutions. "There is too much talking goin ...

Colts 28, Texans 16

Houston Texans are not Chuck Strong: Watch Andrew Luck rip apart their homefield playoff party

By Chris Baldwin

INDIANAPOLIS — There are gut wrenching ways to lose and then there is this. The writers who come up with the torture scenes for Homeland could not have envisioned a more excruciating ...

Missing The Hair

Smart play? Top Texans defender inactive for Colts game, rests for a playoff recovery

By Chris Baldwin

INDIANAPOLIS — During the buildup to the Houston Texans' matchup with the Indianapolis Colts, linebacker Brooks Reed called it the biggest game in franchise history. So you know the secon ...

Chalk Talk

Under pressure: Matt Schaub needs to raise his game to keep Super Bowl visions alive

By Kim Davis

The Houston Texans didn’t exactly shower the fans with Holiday cheer in their last regular season home game. In fact, the Texans drew more jeers than cheers from the home crowd on their way t ...

Beyond the Boxscore

United Airlines flight attendant pimps the Texans, angers insecure Andrew Luck devoted passengers

By Chris Baldwin

INDIANAPOLIS — The airline formerly known as Continental lost much of its Houston identity with that shameful move of the corporate headquarters to Chicago. But it turns out that there is ...

7 Results. Showing to
Page 1 of 1
Refine By:   Events (0)   Lists (0)   News (7)   Places (0)

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