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You Dirty Dogs

TV drives partners to cheat on their spouses: A new shocking adultery study

By Jonathan Rienstra

According to a new survey, 28 million Americans have cheated on their significant others. Turns out, we’re pretty rotten. Of course, we’re talking about what New York Magazine calls ...

remote viewing

The world according to Liz Lemon: How 30 Rock taught me everything I need to know about life

By Mikela Floyd

Good God, Lemon, it’s over. Wrap yourselves in a slanket and slice up some night cheese, 30 Rock fans, because NBC’s cult favorite wrapped its seven-season run Thursday night, taking wi ...

We'll miss ya

TV highlights: 30 Rock goes to comedy heaven, plus premieres of The Americans, Do No Harm

By Aleksander Chan, Katie Stroh

In this week's roundup of what's worth seeing on TV (and what's not), Felicity returns, Liz Lemon says goodbye and a doctor has a split personality. The Americans  (Premieres W ...

finding a stronger "Voice"

Will the record-breaking promotion of Smash turn 2012 into NBC's rebound year?

By Minh Vu

NBC was once home to “Must-See TV” — a tagline designed to showcase the network’s unbeatable combination of comedies and dramas that included shows like The Cosby Show, Chee ...

The Unfriendly Skies

Rather than fret over their jobs, flight attendants obsess on Alec Baldwin, attempt 30 Rock ban

By Sarah Rufca

One might think the Association of Professional Flight Attendants — the union representing American Airlines' 18,000 flight attendants — might have enough to worry about with the ai ...

Weather Deep

Don't diss Don! Sure the tropical storm turned into a dud, but check out the Dons who do us proud

By Sarah Byerley

Tropical Storm Don is on his way, but he isn't exactly getting the respect that he deserves. Some people are whining about how Don just isn't a good hurricane name. It's not strong ...

Important Work

Bossypants Tina Fey makes you think and laugh at the same time

By Mary Flood

I’ve felt an odd, almost proprietary pride about Tina Fey’s work since I first saw that sly, knowing smile from behind the Saturday Night Live news desk 11 years ago. It&r ...

Who is Childish Gambino?

Don't call him a comic: Community's Donald Glover shows his talents as a rapper on Culdesac

By Wilbert Chinchilla

As a writer on 30 Rock, co-star of Community, part of the Derrick Comedy improv troupe, stand-up comedian, and rapper, Donald Glover is a true renaissance man. He's probably least known as ...

8 Results. Showing to
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