You decide which art works are spotlighted at Bayou City Art Festival

For emerging artists, the biannual Bayou City Art Festival is a great avenue for exposure but a tough nut to crack

This is where CultureMap comes in. 

Working with the Lawndale Art Center, CultureMap has curated a list of artists — all emerging artists, all current residents of Houston, all past participants of The Big Show, Lawndale's annual open-call juried exhibition. And we're giving our readers the chance to choose which pieces will be shown in the CultureMap booth at the Bayou City Art Festival, March 23 through 25.

Which is your favorite choice for the Community Artist Award? The top two vote getters earn spots in the show.

The votes are in. See who won!
Famous Monsters

Famous Monsters, 2011
Artist: Daniel Anguilu
Site specific mural at Lawndale Art Center

Anguilu's style is deeply inspired by his Mexican heritage, and mostly manifests itself as large-scale murals. Anguilu uses angular and organic forms to construct animals and other shapes, often drawing from Aztec influences. Anguilu aims to take these images and reinvent them in his own style that people can begin to recognize. 

Hitchcock Constellations

Hitchcock Constellations, 2011
Artist: Debra Barrera
epoxy resin, pure pigment, graphite 

Barrera's Hitchcock Constellations are quick and visceral moments arrested in resin as a process response to Alfred Hitchcock's films. The artist's hope was to create a static sense of viscerality like a constant loop of Psycho's shower scene or Cary Grant running from an airplane in North by Northwest. 

Peeling Reed

Peeling Reed, 2008 
Artist: James Ciosek
Found corrugated tin and fiberglass, steel, flourescent lights 

Ciosek's sculpture series "Constructed Chaos" consists of large scale corrugated tin and fiberglass obelisks. Surface texturing and penetration with guns and other "randomness generators" play against the ordered lines of the corrugations. Colored fluorescent lights within the pieces create mystical overtones. Thematically, Ciosek explores the concept of destruction and regeneration in this series. 

Cielo Azul

Cielo Azul, 2009
Artist: Daniel Esquivel Brandt
Glass and metal

Equivel Brandt's sculptures are made made of cast glass and forged metal; he loves the contrast between the roughness of metal and the delicateness of glass, and says that this is how he sees real life. It is all about pursuing the right change in order to get the perfect balance.



T.W.N.S., 2011
Artist: Jonathan Leach
Acrylic on Plexiglas

Leach's work reflects the complex rhythms, patterns and visual anomalies found in urban environments and their surrounding sprawl. 

Girl with Napsack

Girl with Napsack, 2011
Artist: Sandy Tramel
Figurine, adhesive, embroidery floss

The figurines in Tramel's "Wrapped Figurine" series have been smashed, glued back together, grouted and wrapped in embroidery floss or hand-knitted scarves. 

Kaliedoscoptical Super Yoga Boys Revolution

Kaliedoscoptical Super Yoga Boys Revolution, 2006
Artist: Patrick Turk
Paper collage on canvas

Turk claims that these tiny yoga spirits live inside your muscles, waiting to rip and tear them apart only to rebuild them stronger than before. They can lie dormant for years but become active immediately with nothing more than a good stretch. Treat them right and they will treat you even better.