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We are down to the final six in the 2016 CultureMap Stylemaker Awards. These fashionable and fabulous men and women were your favorites among our semifinalists, and now we need your help to determine the readers’ choice winner.

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Chiara Casiraghi Brody

Occupation: Online editor for La Palme magazine


Instagram: @casiraghistyle

Why Chiara deserves to be a Stylemaker: Not only does Chiara work within the fashion and styling industry but she exemplifies the concept of style in both a material and personal sense. As a former ballet dancer, she carries herself with tremendous grace, yet she knows how and when to let go and have fun. She is active in the fashion and non-profit communities, recently hosting a fundraiser for Blue Cure at Alice and Olivia in River Oaks District.

Travis Cal

Occupation: Fashion stylist and event planner


Instagram: @traviscal

Why Travis deserves to be a Stylemaker: Travis has a passion for fashion and all things beautiful. He produced his first fashion show in high school and ever since has loved to curate and create looks. With a tireless work ethic, Travis seamlessly works with local and national celebrities, athletes and socialites. His unique point of view, bold use of color and prints, and versatile mix of high-low designers and brands allow for an innovative take on how to present fashion.

Gregg Harrison

Occupation: Attorney, photographer


Instagram: @greggharrisonhoustonlawyer

Why Gregg deserves to be a Stylemaker: Whether ready for the court room, a night out on the town, or a day at the pool at The Houstonian, Gregg always pulls it together. He is creative and bold with his fashion choices and pairings, and is meticulous about his pocket squares. "Everything is beautiful," says one person who nominated him. "He is James Bond," says another.

Michael Pearce

Occupation: Attorney, society blogger


Instagram: @exador86

Why Michael deserves to be a StylemakerMichael is totally fearless when it comes to fashion. He uses fashion as a way of expressing his personality, but does it for himself and not to try to impress anyone else. He also believes that you don't have to spend a lot to look good. He is all about the high-low. He will wear a a $99 tux jacket with a $1,200 pair of shoes. It's about the look— not the price — for him.

Kavya Pernankil

Occupation: Business analyst/fashion blogger


Instagram: @stylexkavya

Why Kavya deserves to be a Stylemaker: As a stylish young professional, Kavya's passion for fashion shines through. Her style is best described as minimalist, contemporary, and chic. Kavya not only stays on top of what's in fashion now, she looks to the future. From accessories to makeup, she has a keen eye for putting it all together and making the look effortless.

Alfredo Rojas

Occupation: Petroleum engineer; fashion designer


Instagram: @alfredolegario and @newunionco

Why Alfredo deserves to be a Stylemaker: Alfredo works full-time as an engineer at an oil and gas company but has been working on the side with his wife to pursue his true passion for fashion. Their hard work has come to fruition as they launched New Union Clothing. "Anytime you see Alfredo, his wardrobe will catch your attention," says one person who nominated him.