Houston's Best Donuts: Who makes your favorite donuts in town?

National Doughnut Day falls on the first Friday of June each year. (At CultureMap, we celebrate this holiday every Friday.) It follows the original Doughnut Day established by The Salvation Army in 1938 to honor the women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I. No matter you spell it, we want to know: Who has the best donuts in the Bayou City? 

The votes are in. See who won!
Alto Pizzeria's Sour Dough Doughnuts

Served right out of the oven. Crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with warm nutella.  These sour dough's are donuts taken to another level. 

Shipley Do-Nuts

A 75-year old classic. Need we say more?

Roost's Doughnuts with Ice Cream

You can't really go wrong with doughnut holes drizzed in honey rose-water syrup, topped with crushed pistachios, and a powdered sugar sprinkle. You're probably thinking how could there be more, right? Oh, but there is. Ice cream with caramel sauce tops off this decadent treat.  

Le Donut

The bear claw here could possibly change your life. 

RDG's Sunday Doughnuts

Luckily for us, Sunday Doughnuts have been a tradition in Robert Del Grande's family since he was a kid.

Pena's Donut Heaven & Grill

Raymond Peña has become Pearland's donut king, opening three locations since 1996, and dubbing them "where all the good doughnuts go."

Crave Cupcakes Cake Donut

When you can't choose between donuts or muffins, the Cake Donut breakfast cupcake from Crave combines the best of both worlds — plus plenty of cinnamon and sugar.

Kolache Factory

Forget donuts, it's kolaches or bust!