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Look out London: United adds a third daily nonstop flight from Houston to Heathrow

London skyline
United Airlines will add a third daily nonstop flight to London Heathrow Airport on March 30. Photo by Brett Davis/Flickr
United Airlines, jet, airplane
Tickets will go on sale beginning Oct. 6.
London skyline
United Airlines, jet, airplane

Despite its repeated warnings of route eliminations and workforce cuts in Houston, United Airlines has reaffirmed its commitment of making Houston one of its main international hubs. 

On Wednesday, the airline announced that it will introduce a third nonstop route between George Bush Intercontinental and London Heathrow Airport beginning March 30, 2013. This route will depart daily from IAH at 8:30 p.m., arriving at Heathrow at 12:05 p.m. the following day.  

 United claims that it "will offer more nonstop flights between Houston and London than any other carrier." 

This follows the announcement that some passengers flying the Houston-London route between Feb. 4 to March 29 will get a seat in the top-of-the-line Boeing Dreamliner 787. The first such jet arrived in Houston just last week. 

The route will continue on a Boeing 767-300 as of March 30 — although it's no Dreamliner, that aircraft does offer flat-bed seats, premium menu options and Economy Plus seats with additional legroom. Tickets for the third route will go on sale this Saturday. 

Once that service becomes live, United claims that it "will offer more nonstop flights between Houston and London than any other carrier."

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