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$5 Flights To LA

United offers Houston-LA round-trip flights for $5, but is it for real?

Update: United Airlines officials confirmed that an error resulted in certain fares displaying incorrectly — some even as zero. The glitch lasted a couple of hours before being corrected.

"As to the tickets that were sold, we’re in the process of evaluating this and as always will do what is appropriate," a United Airlines spokesperson tells CultureMap.


I've been planning a trip to Los Angeles next month and have been checking the round-trip fares on United, which have stubbornly stayed around the $475 mark. So imagine my surprise when I just logged onto the United site a few minutes ago to find the airline is offering $5 round-trip fares on the days I want to travel in early October.

I quickly made a reservation and received a confirmation number.

I have call into a United Airlines representative to see if this is really on the level.

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