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The waiting airport: IAH among the worst in the country for customs delays

customs line at IAH airport crowd RUN FLAT
IAH was ranked as the eighth longest customs lines during the daily peak wait time. Photo by the1jon/
News-Bush Intercontinental Airport
Courtesy of Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau
customs line at IAH airport crowd RUN FLAT
News-Bush Intercontinental Airport

The next time you fly internationally you might want to bring a good book — for the customs line. After a long flight from a foreign country the last thing someone wants to do is wait in hour-long lines.

But that's just what is happening at United States airports — with Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport among the very worst offenders. US Customs and Border Protection data shows that waiting in hour-plus lines to get through customs is extremely common.

Using this data, Global Gateway Alliance complied a ranking of custom wait times of some of the largest airports around the country. Bush has the eighth longest average peak daily wait time at 55.3  minutes.

JFK terminal 4, with an average peak wait time of one hour and 33 minutes, has the worst wait time.

During the non-peak hours at IAH, the average wait time is 21.9 minutes. This time has risen by almost four percent since last year. 

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