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Want cheap flights? Look to Hobby not Bush; Houston's smaller airport ranks sixth in country in affordability

The New York Times has already called Houston's Bush Intercontinental the most overpriced airport in the country. But according to, travelers can find better deals just across town at Hobby Airport.

CheapFlights gathered average airfares to popular destinations like Las Vegas, Atlanta and Cancun from the 101 most searched airports. Hobby placed sixth in the country in affordability, with average fares of $293 in June.

According to CheapFlights, smaller airports in big cities offer the best deals. The top airport for low fares was Long Beach at $223, followed by Bob Hope Airport in Burbank, Calif. Both airports are alternatives to LAX, which ranked as one of the most expensive destinations at No. 88. Dallas' smaller airport, Love Field, also scored well, coming in at No. 13 compared to DFW at No. 44.

As predicted by the FiveThirtyEight study, Bush Intercontinental ranked low. Average fares of $461 put IAH at No. 84, in the bottom fifth of all domestic airports.

Do you notice a difference in deals when you fly? When you travel do you prefer Hobby or Bush?

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